Keep calm, it's only a Keep Calm poster

11 Sep

I have to admit I’m a bit of a stresser. So when I first saw these WWII slogan posters, I thought they were a pretty relevant reminder to not take things so seriously. So I bought two – the first hand-pulled silk screen print from Keep Calm, the second
a poster reproduction of the original from Barter Books. Not sure if I’m any saner,
but at least my kitchen looks bright and colourful!



2 Responses to “Keep calm, it's only a Keep Calm poster”


  1. Keep Calm tea towel « Conversation Pieces - 13/10/2007

    […] the posters and screenprints, this timely little reminder is based on an old World War II […]

  2. Make your own path… Buy your own print « Conversation Pieces - 27/01/2008

    […] by Douglas Wilson. Each print is said to be unique as no two maps are exactly the same. And like Keep Calm’s other great prints, they’re athestically pleasing and brilliantly […]

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