4 cooler than Carrie’s name necklaces

14 Sep

The Sex and the City movie is on its way. But of all the issues this raises – will Carrie marry Big? how big will her flower corsages be? will the film be a big hit or a big flop? – the biggest is “where can you get a Carrie-style name necklace?” Of course, many people will point you in the direction of Argos’ finest Elizabeth Duke, but here at Conversation Pieces, I’ve come up with 4 alternatives that are infinitely cooler and a whole lot less chavy. Just beat the rush before the SATC movie comes out – and pretend you’ve had yours all along.

1. The divine Tatty Devine name necklace

Instead of brassy gold, you can get your name in classy perspex in 3 different fonts (my favourite is Holiday), with 3 different charms and in loads of different colours.

Tatty Devine name necklaces

2. The lovely Lola Pop name necklace

Show the world just how much you love your name with these fab name necklaces. You can choose a big heart (£25) or a small heart (£20) and then have your name emblazoned across it. I’m quite taken with both and really can’t decide.

small heart necklaceheart necklace big

3. The Lady Luck Rules OK knitted name necklace

Not one for when it rains, but this is a purl-fect alternative to gold or perspex. Available in a spectrum of super coloured yarn, you can have any word up to 7 letters (and for extra cuteness you can replace a letter with a heart!) Your name will be hand-knitted by Kandy Diamond (do you think that’s her real name?), then hand stitched together on the reverse. Yours for a mere £20.

knitted name necklace

4. Make your own name necklace

If you’re feeling crafty or feeling the pinch, you could always make your own name necklace. Just visit this project on the genius Cut Out + Keep site. All you have to do is get a packet of Shrinkies, drawing materials, a hole punch, a necklace chain and an oven. A little more work than the other 3 but I think it’s pretty cool to be able to say you made it yourself!


3 Responses to “4 cooler than Carrie’s name necklaces”

  1. Sophie 02/04/2008 at 6:43 PM #

    I actually bought one of these necklaces in September 08, and was really inspired by becoming obsessed with la Bradshaw and co! I absoultely adore mine, and it has sparked many Carrie type comments!

  2. kelly 27/05/2008 at 1:12 PM #

    my oh my i nearly jumped through the roof when i found this!! you’re the first person to write about my necklaces, how exciting! x x x


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