10 sweet and neat post-10K run treats – part 1

6 May

On Sunday I did my first ever 10K race, in a respectable 1 hour, 1 minute and 35 seconds, but boy was it hard – only Radiohead’s Jigsaw Falling Into Place kept me going (an unlikely running tune I know but it worked!) Anyway in celebration of my small feat (and tired feet) here’s 10 conversation pieces that would make the perfect post-10K treats. (That said, the best treat of all was just sitting in the sun afterwards, on a space blanket, wearing my medal – and eating haribo. Thanks Neil for putting me up for it and putting up with my whole ‘running is boring’ thing!)

1. You Deserve Pie Poster from TealTown Ink

Because I do you know…

2. Scented donut necklace from Pancake Meow

Now, I know this looks I just want a donut but this is actually a hand-painted, scented donut charm. The lovely Pancake Meow does a fab range of scented dessert charms, from cupcakes, crepes and waffles to cinammon rolls and chocolate chip cookies. Looks good enough to eat and smells just as sweet. Not really one for wearing if you’re on a diet but if you’ve done 10K, then you’ve worked off 800+ calories so you can afford to indulge 😉

3. Baker’s Edge brownie pan from Fred Flare

Everyone knows the edge is the best bit of the brownie, so you have to saulte the makers of Baker’s Edge for creating the best brownie tray ever. Pure chocolatey brilliance. May have to start running marathons though if I buy this!

4. Crayola Thermos Flask from Urban Outfitters

Cute and practical (except you can’t draw with it), this oversized Crayola shaped thermos is perfect for picnics, funky lunches and lazying about in parks (much better than running round them). I want one in every colour (that’s almost one for every working week day!)

5. Cue n’ 8 Salt and Pepper set from Eco Centric

After so much sweet stuff, you need something savoury to balance it out. These “used and bruised” (much like myself after Sunday) pool balls have been converted into funky salt and pepper shakers. Created by UK designer Alex Turner, the set contains one cue ball – for salt – and one 8 ball – for pepper. The bases have been ground flat so they don’t roll around but I guess you could still roll them down a table, giving new meaning to passing the salt.


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