10 sweet and neat post-10K run treats – part 2

6 May

Yup, I said 10, not 5, so here’s the other half of my 10 post-10K run treats. We’ve had the sweet stuff, so now it’s time for the neat stuff…

6. MADE fair trade Brass Skull Necklace

This little beauty was designed by Alexa Chung for the lovely fair trade brand, MADE. Nothing to do with running at all, but after spending so much time in sweaty running gear, it would be nice to inject a bit of rock chick back into my look!

7. Vintage sweater guard from ModerneMe

You never knew you needed a Sweater Guard did you? No, neither did I. I so love the little card this comes on with the handy instructions “place sweater around shoulders…”


8. Tado vinyl from Domestic

This intricate Flora and Fauna wall vinyl is by Tado (two designers, Mike and Katie, based in Sheffield). I just love the little happy critters on this – I think I was grinning this much on Sunday (both in a grin-and-bare-it way and I-did-it way).

9. Half venus boy trap from Helpless Romantic

This burlesque-style beauty is far cry from the non-glamour of the running world. So what better excuse to curl your hair, get out the rouge and go a little bit Dita? Without the whole marrying and divorcing Marilyn Manson bit of course.

10. Hot Pink Pistol bag from Naughty Secretary Club

Ok, god knows how I would look wearing the MADE braclet, sweater guard, the venus boy trap and carrying this hand-painted vintage 80s clutch, posing next to the Flora and Fauna vinyl… But you know I almost think it would work. (If I can carry off those little running legging things then surely I can work this!) This little wonder is made by Hot Pink Pistol Purses and available from the deliciously named Naughty Secretary Club. If only I had a birthday coming up soon…

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