5 more fantastic than plastic shopper bags

18 May

Even before the plastic bag was declared public enemy no.1, I was never a fan. Not because I was a greener-than-thou type, but because I hated that plastic bags took up the whole space under my kitchen sink. (I didn’t like to chuck them out because it just seemed so wasteful so they just amassed in there until I’m sure they started breeding!) So, when I cottoned on (sorry) to canvas bags, I embraced it full-heartedly. After all, not only was it an excuse to buy a bag – it was a good excuse to buy a bag.

So when We Are What We Do people launched the now infamous “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” with Anya Hindmarch, I bought one from their site (no queuing at Sainsburys for me). Now it is a great bag but the fall-out that came with it somewhat sullied the message it was meant to convey. So, I ended up relegating mine, not to under the kitchen sink, but to being a gym bag and invested in some other ‘not plastic’ alternatives. My current favourite is my First Press bag from the Design Museum which rolls up into a cute little pouch. Unfortunately it isn’t available to buy anywhere but at their actual physical shop, so here are my five online favourites that eliminate the need for a plastic one and look pretty fantastic too.

1. Bank Robber Canvas Bag from Heidi Seeker

Ethical and funny, this bag from Heidi Seeker (don’t you just love the name?) is
a steal for only £10.

2. Parachute Shopping Bag from Design Museum

Brighten up a trip to Tescos (or your local shop if you’re going truly green) with this great grocery bag made from coated nylon. Made from the same stuff they use for parachutes, it’s super strong and light – though you probably can’t use it for jumping out of planes.

3. Vintage bag canvas bag from Showpony

Canvas bags can be cute but they’re rarely classy. Showpony does a great range of practical bags with pretty vintage bags printed on them. I bought one of these last Christmas for a friend and I must admit I had a hard time parting with it.

4. Joy canvas bag from Howies

Rediscover the joy of shopping with this nifty canvas bag. It makes me think of summer grass, tiny ice pops and hundreds and thousands.

5. Envirosax roll-up shopping bag from Office Dog

These bags are super cute. Not only do they come in an array of colours and designs (including cartoon animals ones for kids), they roll-up into choc ice-sized bundles so you can pop them in your normal bag and whip them out when necessary.


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