Rob Ryan + Tatty Devine = Bank balance problems

27 May

This is bad. Rob Ryan and Tatty Devine have joined forces to come up with this gorgeous limited edition collection of necklaces and brooches. Which is only bad because they’re all over £100. In fact, the superb ‘Everything I Love That Lives In My Heart’ necklace (see last image) is an eye-watering £230. Anyone got a spare £200 they can lend me?

2 Responses to “Rob Ryan + Tatty Devine = Bank balance problems”

  1. Becky 30/05/2008 at 8:10 PM #

    I want an everything that I love necklace. I as in me, myself! It’s a gorgeously chunky piece but I don’t like mash that much! x

  2. Sarah 14/12/2009 at 8:24 PM #

    I’m in need of help for the holidays, and judging by your website, you may be the answer to my self-serving prayers.

    The very first gift I gave my now-husband was half of a plastic break-apart heart & key necklace on a cheap ‘satin’ chord. I found it in a tiny thrift store and it’s obviously a children’s play-jewelry type piece. They fit together to make a heart, but when apart, one piece looks like a little key.

    As plastic play things do, my half of the necklace broke. We tried to fix it (it’s plastic- hell, yes superglue) but it was weakened by the first break and is unable to stay together anymore. We retired that necklace set.

    We were recently married, and my husband was musing yesterday about how he loved those necklaces. I gently prodded, asking if another form (lock and key NOT fitting together, more stylized and easy to find) but he stated, no, the other reason he wore it was because they fit together and were light (plastic) and it looked like nothing anyone else had.

    I’ve been searching high and low, now I’m googling for hours at a time, days upon days. Is there any help for me??

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