That is my name…

21 Jul

So a few weekends ago (after saying I wasn’t going to go this year) I found myself at T in the Park. In honour of the surprise occassion, I decided to wear my new Lola Pop name necklace (see below). Which was all well and good – except everyone knew my name! I know this seems totally obvious but I hadn’t considered that, on wearing
a name necklace, everyone (barmaids, food van people, randoms in toilet queue) would take it upon themselves to just start calling me by my name without any introduction.

Of course the situation was not helped by the fact that I’d had one too many ciders (am such a lightweight nowadays) and my poor brain was a bit slow on the uptake.

However on the necklace’s second outing I wore it for friends coming round for drinks, and of course they already know my name, so there was much less of the weird!

So beware, just in case you hadn’t already figured it out (you probably had!) wearing a name necklace means people will know your name – and they’ll use it!


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