Giving peas a chance

16 Aug

Peas. Small, green and the vegetable of the devil as far as I’m concerned.
Yesthis is all a bit extreme, but my hatred of peas was instilled in me from
avery early age – something to do with having to sit at the dinner table until
I’d finished them, no matter how cold they’d gotten or how long I’d sat there
for (I was stubborn little so-and-so).

That said, I’m strangely drawn to the following pea-related items. (Perhaps
it’s something to do with my new love of wasabi peas – try them if you get
the chance)

1. I love Kate Sutton‘s stuff, especially her pirate pigeons, so if she thinks
peas are cool then there’s a chance she might be right. (Can you tell I’m
still vaguely unconvinced?)

2. These badges (or buttons for the yanks) from Red Rooster Craft are as
cute as a button. I love their little cross-stitched pink cheeks. Not sure it
makes me what to eat any though…

3. I defy anyone not to smile on seeing these little guys from Eternal Sunshine.
Two crocheted, smiley peas in a pod. Heck, I have no idea what you would do
with them, except maybe cure all the world’s problems. Maybe inedible peas
really are the way forward…


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