Turning Japanese… places to shop in Tokyo

6 Jan

Back in November I went to Japan for the first time. I say first as I will be back! It’s an amazing place, full of amazing things to see and do, fantastic food and fantastically polite people. On a guidebook’s recommendation, I checked out what was classed as a hardware store. That makes it sound like B&Q, but being Japan, it’s so much more. Tokyu Hands sells everything. Really everything. From party supplies and bento boxes to eyelid shapers and cute hammers, it’s like the Willy Wonka version of what Woolies used to be like.If you’re going to be in Tokyo any time soon, go and just see.

Also worth checking out are Loft which sells, among other things, the best and weirdest calanders and stationary you’ll have ever seen and Ranking Ranqueen, which only sells the top selling things in Japan (hence the pun of ranking).



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