Thirfty finds, ebay and a marmalade jar

30 Jan

I hold Three Potato Four responsible for this one. I spotted a Dundee orange marmalade jar on their site but couldn’t justify spending $18 plus postage from the US on it, so I got on good old ebay and got searching for one. I found the one below and ‘won’ it for a couple of pounds. It’s currently starting a new life as a pen holder on top of my 60s/70s sideboard next to a letterpress drawer and a small globe (when I find my camera I’ll post a non-ebay pic of it).


So if there’s something you’ve seen on a salvage website or in Elle Decoration that’s beyond your budget, get onto ebay or go visit a car boot sale and you never know you could end up going home with a very cool item for a bargain price.


One Response to “Thirfty finds, ebay and a marmalade jar”

  1. jenny 28/11/2009 at 9:29 AM #

    what a lovely blog :o)
    I was searching on google because we found a piece of this marmalade jar on my local beach,usually we dont have enough words to find out more about what we’ve found.
    I got a feeling you might like beach glass & china.

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