Thrifty finds: my winged 50/60s sofa

3 Feb

Just before Christmas, I fell in love with ebay again. (I’d fallen out of love with it due to the large amount of people that seemed to be selling what seemed like armfuls of topshop and h&m ‘exclusives’… but that rant is for another day!) I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I decided to do a search for what people were selling who lived near(ish) me. And so I happened upon an original 1950/60s sofa/day bed with wing arms.

As the description said: “It’s in the style of Robin Day or Peter Hvidt… The arms are very cool and are on a cantilever mechanism which allows the arm wings to fold out. The back rest also swings 180 degrees, allowing the sofa to be used as a day bed.”

Now as you’ll see from the pics, the sofa was recovered in the 70s in some ‘lovely’ velour type fabric. At the moment, we haven’t got round to recovering it – mainly due to some indecision on my part what to cover it in. If anyone has any suggestions of fabric/colour, then give me a shout…



2 Responses to “Thrifty finds: my winged 50/60s sofa”

  1. adrian 31/01/2010 at 7:12 PM #

    I reckon something like this would look great on that fantastic sofa you happened upon:,351,12,fabric-by-meter.htm

  2. lee 24/08/2010 at 10:17 PM #

    Hi Zoe… I like the sofa you got! I think I saw it listed. My other half hadn’t really embraced it so I had to let it go. I thought there would be more – I saw a couple in the last few months.. and now a drought! I’d love to see it in situ, if you use it and have your lounge finished. Anyway just thought I’d say hi… rare thing to find someone with taste similar to mine at the moment, on these isles too! Lee, 37, chester.

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