It’s a sign… you should stop whining

17 Mar

Everyone, myself included, likes to indulge in a good moan now and then. A bit of ‘this sucks’ never hurt anyone. But whining, well, that’s on another level. (Actually, whining probably never hurt anyone either but it really is so much more annoying.) It’s the persistence of it that gets me. Yes sometimes life does bite but you have to admit it does have its moments (and I don’t mean in an American Beauty see the bag dance kind of way).

So I thought this sign from Oh My Buttons was both funny and a brilliant deterrent – it might be aimed at getting children to stop complaining about stuff, but I think it works better for adults. Any time someone starts a whine in your presence, you could just point at the sign (librarian-style) and then await either your payment or the ensuing silence.


The only thing is that you can image the whiner whining about the fact that you’ve put the sign up in the first place, and that they now have to pay $5, and that you have the cheek to label their theorising as whining… and… and… That’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess…

That’s my moan over! 😉


One Response to “It’s a sign… you should stop whining”

  1. Jo 26/03/2009 at 4:29 PM #

    Love it!! Need to have an oversized necklace with something like that too so that it’s mobile 😀

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