Got a head for hats?

30 Mar

Ever since I wore a top hat to Vegas one new year I’m digging a hat’s potential to jazz up an outfit (even if it does mean some drunken idiot will try and ‘borrow’ it at some point!) So I’m liking the accessories that you can buy to accompany the Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones. The exhibition started back in February so it may be old hat to some (sorry) but you can still buy some real hats (that cost real money), paper hats and hat-themed clips from the V&A shop. There’s also hat hairbands for those who don’t like getting ‘hat hair’!


2 Responses to “Got a head for hats?”

  1. rebbecca 02/10/2009 at 3:34 PM #

    Really liked this !! nicley set out and lovley models 😀

  2. rebbecca 02/10/2009 at 3:36 PM #

    woops im on the wrong page i ment the one with the 50s dresses on it 🙂

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