Making over roller chair

24 Apr

This is a chair we got from the other half’s aunt. We think it might be an Edwardian tub chair (we’re guessing really from what google has told us). As we haven’t done that many restoration projects really, we thought we would be better getting someone professional in to the do the job. So we went to a little shop in our area, booked an appointment for him to come in see the chair (and the other two we have)… and then he bailed on us and never got back in touch. We could have gone to someone else but we decided to take this as a sign that we should do it ourselves.

So here’s roller chair (we call it that due to the wheels on the bottom) in its original glory.


We’ve toyed with lots of ideas for what to do with it – from covering it in Cath Kidston’s cowboy fabric as a contrast to the ornate seriousness of the legs to something a little more grown-up and cat-proof.

Now the cat-proof thing may be winning out. You see ever since we brought this chair home the two of them have been all over it. Even sitting together on it which is rare for them. Here’s the two of them looking decidely grumpy about being told to get off the chair…


So the first time ever we may have to make a design decision based on having cats… or hoover the chair an awful lot so it doesn’t end up a shade of grey and brown! Will let you know how we get on… though I may be showing you our footstool makeover first as the other half is much keener to start with something small.


One Response to “Making over roller chair”

  1. fiona 26/04/2009 at 8:03 PM #

    Lovely chair – look forward to seeing the end result!

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