Painted walls = unpacked pics

29 Apr

So most of our walls are painted now (the living room still needs a second coat of grey but we’ll get round to that soon… honest!) which means that I can start digging out our prints and pictures – and trying to work out where the heck we’re going to put them all.

Just re-found this little guys… two cards from Paper Tiger in frames from Urban Outfitters. Both their expressions make me laugh.


In the same box, the other matching frames with cards by Rob Ryan…


Finding both these did remind me that as much as I would love a print by Rob Ryan (whose prints cost around $400) it’s nice to know you can spend a couple of quid and still have something pretty to put in your home. After all if it makes you smile it doesn’t matter if cost £5, £500 or £5000.


2 Responses to “Painted walls = unpacked pics”

  1. kerry (the seventy tree) 10/05/2009 at 5:16 PM #

    These look great. We have these frames in black…now I wish we had them in pink and white…and now I also want to fit pink into the house somewhere…hmmm…maybe the bathroom!

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