I heart markets… especially ones near me

5 May

Sometimes Scotland sucks. And I’m not saying that just because of the weather (I got absolutely soaked walking home from work tonight) but because it often seems like all the best bric-a-brac and gorgeous junk is down south. That said… there were two markets last weekend in Edinburgh. Yay!

The first was the Funk Fair, which I have been raving about in other posts, so I think I’ve given them enough love already. The second was the new market in the Grassmarket… The Grassmarkets (see what they did there?)

This was a bit more formal than the Funk Fair – and had a bit more of an official air (especially as there was some inspector there berating everyone on their labelling of things). My favourite stalls were the one held by the Glasgow Craft Mafia who were giving away free badges by t-boo as well as selling lots of adorable necklaces, and the stall by Knitty Knitty who was selling knitted necklaces and even a knitted cooked breakfast!

The Grassmarkets is on the first Sunday of every month during the Summer – might see you there next time.


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