One more Funk Fair find…

6 May

Yes, I know I’ve been going on and on about market stuff but I thought this was also worth sharing (plus it seems unlikely I’ll be doing any other shopping for a while after last weekend!) Anyway, another of my finds at the fab Funk Fair last Saturday was this belt by Susie Maroon.


As you may have guessed the first thing that attracted me to it was the yellow button (I am that predictable) but I do also have a bit of a belt obsession too (I just go on about it a whole lot less!) The belt obsession is at least born out of a level of practicality – I wear a lot of dresses and often need to a belt to cinch them in so that I don’t look like I’m wearing a tent!

But I also like this one as it’s ethical, sustainable and made by someone based right here in Edinburgh. Plus the seller, who I think was Susie, also gave me the little leather ‘bow’ patch for free too. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet but I always like getting sweet stuff for free 😉 She also does these fab ‘tool’ belts too (as well as cushions, floor coverings and shopper bags) but after the amount of DIY I’ve been doing lately think I’ve had enough of tools for a while!




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