One in a million

9 May

Last Sunday, me and the other half took a little trip to the Red Door Gallery. (Let’s call it a post-10K treat despite the fact that only one of us did the run this year!) Now I can’t really visit the Red Door Gallery without buying something – they stock lots of lovely things made by lots of lovely people. However on Sunday I was pretty determined that I wasn’t going to part with any cash, especially after the excess of Saturday’s market buying extravaganza. And then we found the “One in a Million” print by Alison Hardcastle.


Now this is a very sweet print as it is – a lovely little pharse cut out of an old map (and you know how much I love those) – however on closer examination we discovered the map in question to be a very old map of my home town and the other half’s village. As Alison’s prints are limited editions of one, we felt compelled to buy it. Think it going to be a baked beans on toast week for us though to make up for it!

If you fancy one, the Red Door Gallery has other prints by her or you can get the following ones from her shop – plus these great cards too (I love the ‘you don’t look a day over…’ one!)


4 Responses to “One in a million”

  1. domestikate84 09/05/2009 at 9:28 PM #

    I love those cards, they’re fantastic! The mappy pictures are pretty fabulous too x

  2. biba (inspiration bubble) 10/05/2009 at 4:27 PM #

    I love these! Great find


  1. Saturday’s giveaway… The Red Door Gallery « Conversation Pieces - 11/09/2010

    […] fact, every time I’ve mentioned this shop (such as here) I’ve said that it’s bad for my bank balance… so it must be […]

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