Smiley Saturday

9 May


So it’s Saturday, which is always a reason to smile in itself, but today I have lots of extra reasons to smile. Firstly I had a very fab night out yesterday to celebrate my friends Emma and Grove’s birthdays (happy birthday again guys!). Secondly we found out yesterday that we have approval from the council to knock down the wall in our bathroom – which means we can soon put in a new bathroom and most importantly a shower! (Baths are lovely – but oh how I miss having a shower in the morning!) And thirdly I woke up this morning to discover I’d be given a Lemonade Award by Patchwork Harmony – which has made me smile so much I think my hangover has just evaporated! (So that’s a double thank you to Patchwork Harmony for that one!)

P.S. How stylish was I as a kid?


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