Destroyer of walls

24 May

Like an episode of Lost, for the moment I’m still going to leave you in suspense about the mystery trip until next time. Why? Because right now myself, the other half and at least half of that flat are covered in a very thick layer of dust… that’s right we’ve been taking down the bathroom wall. (I currently have completely grey hair!)

Yup, one night and day away gave us back a bit of our enthusiasm for diy. Right now the wall is half down and I can’t tell you how weirdly exciting it is to see the space opening up (goodbye ‘tunnel toilet’!) – and how cool it is to wield a mallet, destroy old plaster and remove those bricks (I am Zoe, Destroyer of Walls!)

Anyhoo, my (very random) wall destroying power-trip aside, we’d love to keep going but I don’t think our neighbours would appreciate that on a Sunday night. So for now it’s time to clean up the bathroom a bit (it currently looks worse than it did but that happens right?), clean ourselves up and order some takeaway.


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