I didn’t say it, my t-shirt did

28 May

Around 2 and a half years ago I used to work in a blokey environment where everyone wore t-shirts, trainers and jeans. And so, to stand out a bit less, I too wore the uniform of t-shirts, trainers and jeans (or baggy trousers if I was going for a bit of variety).

Now this is not to say that I didn’t still love dresses (I actually had a wardrobe full of them) I just always felt a bit conspicuous wearing them at work. At that point discovering Threadless was the saviour of my wardrobe as it meant I got to wear something unusual even if it was just a t-shirt.

My style may have moved on since then but the other day I was sorting through more clothes that have been bagged up since the move and I discovered a stash of my old tees – and it reminded me how fab Threadless is. And being me, their TypeTees have always appealed – in a ‘ooh it’s got words on it and it’s funny kind’ of way – so I thought I share with you my favourites…


But doesn’t the bear look so cute? Don’t you just want to hug him…


A couple of years ago I had to write a series of haikus about monsters for a work thing… mine made slightly more sense than this tee but only just. (Partly as a result of the haiku-creating I ended up buying this t-shirt but the brown colour always looked sucky on me.)


This always makes me smile. After spending a good proportion of my degree studying Shakespeare, I have to say I think it might be true too.


I bought this one year for the other half’s birthday. I love that every time he wears it, it’s still true.


Random fact alert: I do actually know karate… I did from when I was a small kid right through to uni and I have the ass-kicking medals and trophies to prove it.


I bought this for my little sis a while back – she’s a great source of new bands and new music. It’s like having your own personal shopper but for music.


No-one has argued with this tee’s logic yet but I suspect if I wore it in a pub (as opposed to the gym like I do) someone would come up with a reason for why a city on rock and roll would actually be structurally sound 😉

P.S. This randomly became a mini my life in tees post… not sure how that happened!

P.P.S. Do you have a favourite slogan t-shirt? What does it say?


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