Craft, cupcakes and cider

29 May

So on Wednesday night I went to the first Edinburgh Craft Guerrilla night at Boda Bar run by two crafty sisters, Emma and Clare. For the most bargainous price of a few quid you could pick from a number of crafty projects (necklaces, brooches, cranberry hearts, fridge magnets etc) and you got free strawberry cupcakes too.

I went along with some work colleagues but we stopped for tea before going (and I had an organic cider too) so we turned up slightly late to a bar full of people in full craft mode. But they were all very friendly and let us squeeze in…

Now I have to admit I’m not the best sewer (the other half usually does it for me!) add to that some conversation and a Sailor Jerry and you can see where my stitching is going to go wrong!

magnetSo admist all my blethering (of which I was doing quite a lot) I made a felt fridge magnet that I’m calling ‘Disco Heart’… he is currently pride of place on the fridge with my Studio Ghibli Cat Bus magnet from Japan. At least Cat Bus looks impressed with it!

Hopefully next month (they’re going to run the craft evenings on the last Wednesday of every month) I’ll develop the knack of speaking and sewing at the same time!


2 Responses to “Craft, cupcakes and cider”

  1. domestikate84 30/05/2009 at 11:25 AM #

    Ooh, this sounds fun! Maybe see you there next month!

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