Norway part 1: The cabin

24 Jun

So Norway (yes I finally got round to posting on my trip!) was a holiday of two halves – some of the time was spent at my friend Ellen’s family cabin and the rest at her home in Oslo. Now as a Scot when my friend said cabin I was more imagining a wooden shed infested by zombies (I have an overactive imagination it has to be said) not a lovely wooden house with a little guest house, boat house and decking area all set in some sumptuous, pretty, peaceful greenery.


As well as being such a pretty lovely place, the weather was super fab… hence my summer look going on as I shed my tights for once! (Yes that is me, not a ghost going through the woods!)

As it was so nice, we all took a trip on Ellen’s brother-in-law’s speedboat… this is the other half posing on it before he went on a donut ride thing. That’s Tim the dog supervising from the side.


Have to say I thought being on the speedboat would be a little scary but it was very cool… regardless there were so many jellyfish in the water that you wouldn’t have wanted to fall in!


So as well as going out on the boat, we had bbqs, drank Sailor Jerrys, nattered until the sun went down, played Articulate, went exploring and ended up sitting on top of a mini mountain, contemplating life (and wishing I had my own mini mountain to sit on). Here’s the view…


And here’s us (minus Ellen’s husband and my other half who was taking the pic) sitting doing our contemplating…


On top of all this, we also played Koob… a random Swedish game that involves throwing bits of wood at other bits of wood. The girls totally kicked the boys’ butts at it (even though I still have no idea what the rules are!)


And this is me, filling in the guest book… and so wishing I had my own cabin!


Then it was back to Oslo for thrift-hunting, folking and eating more Smash (potentially the best chocolatey things ever)…


4 Responses to “Norway part 1: The cabin”

  1. our little love nest 25/06/2009 at 3:57 AM #

    Such lovely photos. I am super jealous. I am half Norwegian and half Swedish, I have wanted to go to either country since I turned 14 but I’ve never gone.
    (I love that pink top you have on in the last 2 photos…sooooo very pretty. You look gorgeous!) xo

    • Conversation Pieces 27/06/2009 at 12:56 AM #

      Ooh you should so go little love nest! I’ve only been to Sweden for a couple of days before but it’s lovely too. And thanks for the compliment – that’s my current fav top/dress – it’s ridiculous how much I like neon pink at the moment!

  2. Top Bird @ Wee Birdy 25/06/2009 at 2:51 PM #

    What a gorgeous part of the world, the cabin looks adorable. Sounds like you had a blissful holiday. xx


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