Weddingnesday… four weddings and a bit of fun

21 Oct

At the weekend (while still feeling blurrgh) I discovered Four Weddings…it’s the tv show where ‘four brides rate each other’s weddings to win their dream honeymoon’. It’s a rather cruel show but as with all these things completely and utterly compelling. After watching one episode, I dragged the other half through to watch another – which we did from behind cushions like it was a horror movie.

Here’s a clip in case you haven’t seen it yet or are outside of the UK and missing out!

We reasoned the plus side of watching this show was it got us talking about what we did like (and dislike) about the weddings which might help us get a firmer grasp of what we want to do… and if not, at least we’ve had some fun (even if it is at other people’s expense!)

Anyway, talking of fun… here’s a few fun wedding things I bookmarked this week:


Can you have a kissing booth at your wedding? (Imagine the pics of all your friends and family kissing at it!) I’m not sure but I thought this poster by roll and tumble press was rather sweet all the same.


I like the idea that this necklace from Bejewelled Bespoke could transform a non-wedding dress into something more special… good to bear in mind if I find something I really love that doesn’t feel that weddingy.


Came across these wedding favours by kats krafts and liked the idea of something guests could keep that’s quite fun. Then I remembered the time I came up with an idea for a campaign teaser for journalists that involved 1000 of these… and remembered how damn hard they are to fold (and I only ever folded 10 out of the 1000!) Maybe not then…


I thought this wedding dress from Dalena Vintage is super sweet… it makes me think of waves and airtex school PE t-shirts (perhaps the oddest combination of stuff ever!).

And talking of odd… if you’re fed up of fascinators, don’t like veils and don’t fancy a hat, how about a Lady Gaga style hair bow?


Ok, I may have strayed into Halloween territory with this bow by black satin shoes but you know someone out there must be thinking about it for their day!

Or how about this deer headband I spotted over at Kingdom of Style… not sure whether this would be less or more crazy.


Think that’s enough nonsense from me today… I don’t think my brain will have any more sensible wedding thoughts until Halloween is out of the way… All I can think of right now is turning myself into a character who looks a bit like this – can you tell who it is?


Happy weddingnesday everyone xx

Last pic via angel lust pr

2 Responses to “Weddingnesday… four weddings and a bit of fun”

  1. Top Bird @ Wee Birdy 21/10/2009 at 4:53 PM #

    Love the graphics for the kissing booth – and cute vintage dress, too! xx

  2. Golden Touch 21/10/2009 at 9:33 PM #

    I LOVE the idea of a kissing booth!!!!!!!

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