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Hello Christmas, Goodbye 2011

22 Dec

Eeeek! Only 3 more sleeps to go!
How on earth did that happen?
(I still have about 10 days to open
on my Grinch advent calendar!)
The last wee while has just been work, work, work.
Some of it good, exciting stuff but still work.
So my feeling festive has kind of slipped away.
But last night I put up some of our cards
in a little tree shape… Which strangely
cheered me up no end!
And drank some mulled wine,
while playing some cool yule tunes…
thanks to some lovely twitter people.
(I’d already played She & Him to death!)

Here’s their wonderful suggestions:
Christmas with the Beach Boys (a favourite of Seeds & Stitches)
This Noel playlist by isabelleoc
An alternative Xmas mix by Last Year’s Girl
For Folk’s Sake, It’s Christmas 2011
A Charlie Brown Christmas,
Muppets Christmas Carol soundtrack,
This cool playlist by naurnie,
Sufjan Stevens, Low
and R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas!!

And for the Christmas holidays…
Here’s what I have planned:
That’s yummy food, presents,
taking pics with my car boot Polaroid,
roasting chestnuts on our fire
(never done this before ever!),
watching Christmas movies
and getting my skates on…

Oh yes and some sitting on the couch
doing absolutely nothing too!

(Weird fact: the penguin with the bauble?
That’s how he came out of the Christmas box,
holding that bauble… it seemed mean to take it off him!)

So I’ll see you all in 2012.
Thanks so much for dropping by this year,
leaving comments, emailing me,
even saying hi sometimes.
You guys rock, you really do.

I hope you all have some lovely, relaxing, fun plans?
But whatever you do, remember the following:
You do indeed!

Merry Christmas.
Hope you all have an amazing time.
And get super, super spoiled!

Image 3: Lillian & Leonard (at our wedding)
Image 5: merriweathercouncil


Because it’s Monday… halfway to a hipster

21 Nov

When we were in Brooklyn, we played Spot the Hipster.

From this, we learned that to pass as hipsters
the other half would need to grow a beard,
and I would need to get a fringe.

There seemed to be other attributes
but these are the ones that stuck out.
Mainly as he’s never going to grow a beard
and I don’t suit fringes.

Once home, I happened upon this print
by Brit illustrator Jenni Sparks
“Things Hipsters Like”.

Turns out I’m halfway to being a hipster.
I love my Diana, my old gameboy, coloured bikes,
tea in china cups, brogues (but on the other half, not me)
typewriters, old record players (and music) and kitsch tees.

Oh yes, and I drink soya milk.
(Normal milk and I are not friends.)

The rest isn’t me. So I’m about 50% hipster.
50% unhipster. (Or whatever a non hipster is!)

How about you?
What percentage do you work out to be?


P.S. I just did the maths.
I’m actually about 64.28% hipster.
Not sure if that’s better or worse!

The one with the Ferrero Rocher cupcake

7 Nov

So this weekend past I was in London.

I was down to see my sister’s play,
do some work and have belated birthday fun.

Here’s this weekend in pictures,
including the most amazing
vegan Ferrero Rocher cupcake.

Yup, with this weekend,
London was really spoiling us!

My belated birthday cupcake from my sis…
bought from the amazing Ms Cupcakes.
(I found this recipe for non Vegan ones
if anyone fancies making me them too!)
 The Turkish Delight cupcake
which was rather delightful too!
A birthday trip to Drink Shop Do for afternoon tea. (This was
after a session of hot yoga so cake was more than deserved!)
We had proper afternoon tea for the girls…
and man’s afternoon tea for the boys:
beer, pies, scotch eggs and pickled onions!

I also slightly fell in love with this camera illustration
by faiiint… I want this camera in real life!

And how I managed to leave without purchasing
this yellow teapot is a bit of a mystery.
I did buy myself a badge though I’m not a total martyr!
We stayed at this amazing little hotel,
very exclusive, not very well-known
filled with old wartime prints
Otherwise known as my sis’s new flat!
This was my favourite print and it seemed to go
perfectly with one of my birthday presents…
my fake fur fox stole!
(Excuse the pjs, I opened this pressie at 1am)
I wore my stole all Saturday…
It was so cosy – and it did seem to make people smile!

On Sunday, we went to Bread Etcetera for breakfast.
They have little toasters on each table
for you to make your own toast. Yum!

Then we popped into a super cute book shop
and went to see the John Martin exhibit
at Tate Britain which ended with a light and sound show!
Brilliant, bombastic and lightening bolt-tastic!

It was A for Awesome… ok this isn’t John Martin’s work
but Paul Thurlby‘s illustrated alphabet (which I saw in the shop)
but it’s just gorgeous… especially the E!

And then it was home to Home Sweet Home.
(Thankfully not Home Sweet Homicide!)

Of course after a weekend like that,
I could do with another weekend now.
And I may have to lay off the cake for a while!
Happy Monday everyone xx


P.S. If you were the lovely girl who said hello at Drink Shop Do,
thank you for your kind words and sorry if I was a little bashful!

A dead good birthday…

1 Nov

At the weekend, we celebrated my birthday. Or my birthoween.
That’s Halloween and a birthday rolled into one.

Let’s just call it a dead good birthday.
(Scots are allowed to use ‘dead’ as an adjective, honest.)

I had a silly, sugar-fuelled, Halloweeny day
that started with me eating Lucky Charms and cupcakes…

Next came presents… lots of lovely things
but perhaps the best was my new Viewmaster!

Complete with a reel of pics of our wedding, us in New York,
our mini-moon Airstream… and the cats too!

How cool is that?

The husband even made a caption
for each of the photos too
which made me giggle so much.

Then there was more presents,
more cake (because I needed more sugar!)
and then we set off to spend the night at a spooky hotel.

Ok, it maybe wasn’t haunted…
but all I could say when we were walking
down the corridor was “Come play with us”
in a creepy Shining voice!

Then we went out for a very nice dinner
but not before we ran round town trying
to find a bag of cobwebs for our costumes
for a Halloweeny birthday-ish night out.

Because every corpse bride and groom
needs some cobwebs of course!

Yup, we totally forgot in the first pic
that we’re meant to be scary
not happy!

However, a glass of bubbles or two later
(and one slightly awkward trip to a champagne bar
where everyone just stared or glared at us!)
we got into Halloween wedding mode!

I was strangely more attached to this bouquet
than the one I made for our wedding.
Oh yes and that veil… well, it was originally
bought for our wedding too but it didn’t suit my dress.
Love a bit of recycling me!

The next day, us plus our hangovers went to meet
my friend’s new baby (super adorable!) before heading home
to zombify like couch zombies.

Amongst all the fun, we actually forgot
to carve any pumpkins this year…
so I’m off now to attempt a Day of the Dead pumpkin
and that way he can stay out until Wednesday.

UPDATE: Here’s our Day of the Dead pumpkin.
Rather pleased with how he turned out.

Was thinking of giving him some flowers still
but I think he’s pretty good all the same.
Especially in the dark.
Happy Halloween everyone xx
(And Día de los Muertos too!)

P.S. Did you have a costume this year?
I saw so many Marios, sexy pirates,
a Pope, a few Black Swans and even
a Sherlock Holmes at the weekend.
Love it!

Except the people dressed as
scary clowns. That’s too scary!!


P.P.S. Thanks all your cold cure suggestions.
Not sure if any helped but they certainly
cheered me up regardless!


Image 1: Mexican Skull Gardland
by the super spooky The Doll City Rocker.
I so want to get this for next year’s Halloween.
Or heck, maybe I could do a spooky Xmas?!

Introducing… Blook Club

6 Sep

Every year, I write a ‘to do’ list instead of resolutions.

For the past 2 years, my list has included ‘join a book club’.

(I adore books. Not just for colour coding you see!)

And for 1 and half years, I’ve not really managed that.


While working one night, I started moaning about
my lack of book reading to my husband.
He said, as I think he always says now,
why don’t you ask twitter if they know of one.

So, I did. More specifically, I asked Kirsty
if she knew of one. And then somehow our
conversation ended up with me organising
a book club, as opposed to joining one!

I called it ‘Blook Club’.
Bloggers plus books.
And then I made a little logo
(despite the fact I’m not a designer).
So it’s sort of all official now.


We’re holding the first one in Edinburgh this weekend,
but if you fancy coming to future Blook Clubs
(or even to this weekend’s), just drop me a line.

I’m kind of excited (and a bit nervous)
to meet everyone, start reading more again
and then babble about it at length…

God help the poor souls
who have signed up already!


P.S. Any suggestions of books gratefully received.
For the first one, we’re reading How to be a Woman.
I thought it would give us plenty to chat about!

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

2 Aug

The second week of our mini-moon…

Sun-soaked days. Me with my cameras. Him with freckles on his nose.

Going nowhere fast… just wandering, wondering, pondering.

Watching the waves rise and fall…

Rolled up jeans and bare feet, shoes dangling from our fingers…

Playing the 2p falls without a care in the world.

Seeing the sun set on the sparkling sea…

Strange how much brighter everything seems.


After leaving the Isle of Wight, we went to Brighton…

And there I did some more snapping with my Diana.
I’m still getting to grips with my little plastic wonder
but I have to say I’m rather pleased with these shots…

The next one is my favourite I think and
my first attempt at double exposure…

Ok, maybe this is my favourite shot…
my now husband silhouetted against the sun.

I picked up these Diana shots on Friday
and if you could wish yourself back somewhere
we’d have been there in the blink of an eye.

Think the time has come to start
planning our actual honeymoon.


Totally happily married…

4 Jul

 So we got married. And it rocked.

It was honestly so much fun.
Far more than we’d ever
imagined it would be.

As a result, I grinned
like a loon all day.

It was a little haphazard
but it was heart-felt, happy
and at points hilarious.

I’ll share more of our day later
(& the crazy run-up) but for now
I am one very smiley married gal!


Photo by family friend.