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I Do DIY… finding a home in our home for wedding stuff

5 Sep

“What do you do with wedding stuff after the wedding?”

Of all the wedding related questions I’ve received
recently this (from Lorri) struck me as a striking one…

You spend so much time making things and then what?

For us, there’s a simple answer.

We had a wedding sign – a gorgeous, gorgeous thing
made by my super talented uncle – and there was no way
it wasn’t going to become a feature of our home.

So at the weekend, we hung up our sign in our kitchen.
The space totally seems like it was made for the sign.

It made me so happy to see while
eating my cereal this morning!

As for our other bits and bobs…

We also put back up our gin print.
(It was our ‘bar sign’ at our wedding.)

And hung up our new ‘bike’ print… a wedding
present from our best man and best lady.

Happily the two co-ordinate very well!

This is where our chalkboard sign currently resides…
I may have to think of a better place for it eventually
but I kind of like it here at the moment.

We also finally found a spot for our Hang It All
(a wedding present from very generous friends).
And somehow one of our stags seems to suit being here…
so he’s found a home too.

Elsewhere in the flat, we have jam jars with candles
and jam jars with leftover pinwheels. It makes
me smile to see them every day and glad
that we don’t have to put them ‘away’ just yet.

Happy Monday everyone xx

P.S. What’s your advice? What did you do
or are planning to do with your wedding diy?

P.P.S. I have no idea quite where to begin with
blogging about our wedding. I have a few DIYs
to share but if there’s anything you want to
know or ask, do let me know!


In good company… me and my abode

13 Jun

Last month, Company Magazine got in touch
and asked if they could feature me and my flat.

And I thought… well, that’s pretty cool.

So here ‘we’ are. Page 162/163 of July’s mag.

Seeing our home in print is a little surreal but nice…

And honestly it’s not this tidy in real life.

I often used to wonder how homes looked so tidy
for Elle Decoration/Living Etc…
The answer?
All the messy stuff is behind the photographer!
Yup, there’s a whole lot wedding diy
that’s just out of shot in these pictures.
Well, actually some of it is in shot…
we don’t normally have bunting in our hall.
Oh well!

Me and my home…

16 May

Me and my home are featured on
one of my favourite blogs today,
Kerry’s The Seventy Tree.

After two and a bit years of intense diy,
our dusty old place is pretty much done.

I’ve been taking a few snaps recently so I’m
hoping to do a few before & after posts soon.

(For those of you new to this blog,
the before pictures were quite something!)
In the meantime, if you fancy seeing a mini home tour
pop on over to The Seventy Tree.

Kerry has such a lovely, lovely blog – I promise it’ll end up
being one of your favourites too if it’s not already.


P.S. If you missed it, I was also interviewed by Huma
of Her Little Place for The Independent the other week.

Just in case you fancy some more of me talking interior design!

Friday I’m in love… with prints (and peeved pets)

8 Apr

Remember my plan to try and create a display wall?

Well, one (almost) sunny Sunday in March, I started one…

A work in progress sure but it gives us something
nice to see when we open the front door.

It got this reaction from the fox-owl-cat…

To be fair, this look probably translates as ‘stop hammering, damn you’.

On a little roll, I then put up the other half’s favourite Mr Cheapskate print.

Yup, I’m attempting the bulldog clip thing again!

Remember how the fox-owl-cat used to like
to hide under the bed when we were doing diy?

Well, grey-ninja-cat seems to adopted the practice too.

It’s a hard life being a cat right?

I also finally framed my gorgeous birthday screenprint from my friend Jill.

(She based it on a phrase I once said to her… it almost like I’m famous!)

I thought it worked pretty well with our Japan print…
(which unfortunately became pretty relevant later on in March).

I absolutely adore the record detail… she has
superior screenprinting skills to me!

I also reintroduced our ‘rules are for fools’ print back into the flat.
(It had been ‘dressing’ our old flat while it was on the market.)

The chair in the shot is our future mustard velvet chair.
Can’t wait for us to finish it… when we have the time!

I also pondered where to put my lovely bear print from The Seventy Tree

And did a bit of honeymoon planning on our future map.

Apparently these quieter activities were much more satisfactory…

Maybe I’ll get round to finishing the wall display one day!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

We’re having a bit of a wedding weekend, making our invites,
testing our wines, and writing our vows. Oh yes and a bit snoozing,
chilling, relaxing and watching 30 Rock. Bring it on!


Hello Christmas… goodbye 2010

22 Dec

So Christmas is nearly here… which might explain why there’s large paper
snowflakes hanging on our wall… and snow shapes on our windows!

I found these vintage snow stencils last year in a charity shop.

A total bargain as I think we’ll be using for years to come.

I’ve also framed this lovely old Days of Christmas tea towel.

(I found it in the old table that belonged to the other half’s aunt…
the same one that I found the vintage paper straws in.)

The lords a-leaping make me laugh so!

For the first year ever I made a pact with myself – no new Christmas decorations.

Partly a bid to save some money but also because we have enough already.

The only cheat was that I’d already bought this ‘Russian doll’ Christmas
set back in October when I was looking for Halloween decorations.

So I kind of / sort of stuck to my pact!

Here’s my little snowman I’ve had since 1999 and the new
Christmas decoration – wonder if they’ll be around for as long?

We also put back up the reindeer mirror… or the other half did.
(I’m not as handy with a drill!) I’m currently searching for some
mini vintage mirrors to fill in the spaces but Edinburgh charity
shops are proving fruitless so far… darn!

In the spirit of recycling, I dug out our old letterpress tray
and filled it with old baubles… (excuse the dust on the
floor – that’s from putting up the mirrors!)

And inbetween working (really, really) long hours, we’ve managed to squeeze in
a little crafting… some hand-stitched cards and some tiny gingerbread houses.

The other half has also been hard at work trying to finish finish our kitchen for
Christmas – and doing some crafty surprise presents for my little cousins.

But I’ve had to abandon my heart wreath plan – next year for that one!

Of course not every is a fan of the new decorations… one of our
residents has been redecorating the tree any chance they get.

Anyway, for this final post of 2010, I wanted to wish you all
a very Merry Christmas and a very very Happy New Year.

I hope you all get spoiled rotten, have maximum chill-out time
and a ridiculous
amount of fun you lovely, lovely people!

Thanks so much for making blogging such a pleasure
in 2010. Here’s to having even more fun in 2011!

The month that was September…

6 Oct

So September… was 30 days of crazy I tell you.

Some of it good crazy, other bits were more bawl your eyes out crazy.

It’s safe to be said that work, life, diy and selling a flat don’t always mix well.

September was the month the OH (that’s other half for those of you new here!) made an angry ninja cloud cushion… never let it be said that he doesn’t put any ggrrr-ness to good use!

It was the month that my migraines – after being gone for a year – came back with avengence. Thanks body, yes I know I need to chill out more but making my brain feel like it’s going to burst doesn’t exactly help!

But it was also the month that the BBC said they were going to make my (very) short film I wrote for them. Yay!

It was also the month that I lost at scrabble to the OH when he played this triple word score! (Ozone was his word too!!)

And it was the month we did our first ever stall at a car boot sale. I didn’t exactly appreciate the 6am start but by the time we left, £150 better off, my cheeks were aching from grinning all morning. Regular car booters do seem to have a line in the best/most unexpected chat!

And it was the month in which the Cosmo Blog Awards ceremony was held.

I couldn’t go so my little sis Evie went in my place. (I’m betting you can all guess which one she is!) I didn’t win but she had a lovely time meeting bloggers Carrie from WishWishWish, Sarah from The Loves and Life of a London Girl and Nikki from Girl Geek Chic. Darn London for being so far away sometimes.

It was also the month of interviews… I did an online one about being nominated for the Cosmo Awards and then we did an interiors one for Scotland on Sunday’s At Home magazine.

It doesn’t scan that well but hopefully they’re going to send me a pdf or the photos soon so I can share it properly. I do so love this shot of our grey ninja cat!

And speaking of cats, it was also another month of them doing this… yup, hiding in the bedroom/under the duvet due to work being done in the flat…

… and me doing this… Yup, repeated trips to Ikea can really take it out of you!

I think after this trip (to sort out another kitchen thing) I swore I was never ever going back… and we were back a week later!

Ok, so this isn’t me back at Ikea but doesn’t it look like I could be… if I shrank suddenly!

With two mortgages to pay and so much going on, there wasn’t a lot of room for fun in September. (I also think sometimes when you’re stressed, you don’t allow yourself to have fun if you know what I mean?)

But a day out now and then to see some art does wonders for the soul… especially when the museum tells you ‘everything is going to be alright’ on the way in!

As for the big table and chairs, ok so maybe I don’t quite get the ‘art-ness’ of this but it made me smile and that’s what’s important right?

Because the lesson that September has taught me is that I need to take things a bit easier and take better care of myself.

Not entirely sure I know how to do that so all suggestions welcome… how do you guys stay sane when life is crazy?

Here’s to October being a nice, happy, pain-free-brain month!

Friday I’m in love… with fireplaces

1 Oct

I adore fires.
The crackle, the smokey smell, the flicker of the flames…
but above all I adore the warmth.

A fire just makes everything seem cosier.
There’s nothing nicer after trudging home
through the sleet/snow/rain/drizzle
than sticking on the fire to heat yourself up again.

After we finish the kitchen (more on that another day),
the last big thing to do in the flat is to put a fire into our fireplace.

It’s my birthday at the end of this month so I’ve been half hoping
we could do it time for that… or maybe for Christmas.

And this is pretty much the exact fireplace I want.
Back in July 2005, I opened up a copy of Living Etc
(probably one of the first I’d ever bought),
saw this gorgeous fireplace in the home of Orla Kiely
and promptly fell in love.

We’ve got the white mantle already so I just need to find a fire,
a hearth and some lovely coloured tiles which coordinate/don’t
clash with our multi-coloured felt rug…

(If only I could just click my fingers and it would be done!)

At the moment, we’ve just popped a bit of plasterboard in the space
and lent a print against that… it looks pretty but not toasty.

(Talking of which, how lovely does this mirrorball look in this space?)

The only debate between me and the OH has been whether it should be a real fire or not.
I’ve been hankering after a real one… you know, lumps of coal, kindling
and some firelighters. Yes, I grew up with real fires, can you tell?

(I love this fireplace above even if you surely can’t burn that wood?
But does anyone else think that stool looks like a big scrubbing brush?!)

The OH is more a fan of getting a gas fire,
which I don’t mind as long as the surround is nice…

(I’ve seen quite a few like this in salvage yards
but then I wouldn’t get to use tiles.)

Though that said, this has no surround at all and I’m still going ‘oooh, fire’!

(Also I so want that mirror… how beautiful is the foxing?)

After all, let’s be honest, as much as I want an Orla Kiely style fireplace,
all I really want is to be like this cat and just
snuggle up next to it, all cosy and happy.

Happy Friday everyone xx

1. Scanned from Stylist 2-5. Scanned from Living Etc