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Weddingnesday… scenes from an impending marriage

23 Nov

I picked up this book on my last visit to London.
I bought it because I’m a graphic novel geek
(not sure if I’ve mentioned that before)
and I have other books by the same writer.

I’d expected it to be good.
I hadn’t really expected
to go through it nodding.

“That was so us.”

“Um, this was us.
Oh and this.”

“And heck, this too.”

Yup, we are not original, unique snowflakes!

Here’s the bits that were very us:


(It may have been me who brought up eloping. A lot.)


(Every single bit of this was us. Except we didn’t go and help a charity!)


(Ah the rain question… Look at weather website, fret, and repeat.)


(This conversation happened a few times.
The funny thing is that in the end
the other half invited so many people
that we nearly didn’t have enough seats.)


(On the Thursday before the wedding, I tried shopping
for wedding socks. For the groom, best man etc.
And all that happened was that I lost my mind
in John Lewis and had to go home instead.
The responsibility of socks was too much for me!)


(Our wedding was the same week as a funeral.
As a result, we kept calling our wedding a funeral.
And the funeral a wedding. Finding yourself
talking about making a bouquet for a funeral
is a very, very odd thing indeed.)


(We painstakingly handmade, hand-wrote our invites.
Crazy fools that we are. This makes me laugh
in a slightly manic way as a result.)

And that:

(Perfect is overrated. Really it is.
Something will go wrong.
And guess what? No-one will notice.
Except you. But by that point,
it’s just funny. And screw it,
you’re married. So who cares?)

So, anyone else  over-identifying?!
(For those who had the scanner gift list,
there’s a bit in the book about that too!)

Also I can’t decide if this book would be good
to give to friends when they get engaged?
Or to only give to them once they’re married?

P.S. Apparently this book was originally
the favour for their wedding.
How cool is that?!

I Do DIY… jam jars with bunting and hearts washi tape

10 Oct

Truth be told, I don’t eat a lot of jam.

I do however like putting flowers in jam jars.

So one of the first DIY things we did
for the wedding was collect jam jars.

We sourced them from family, friends, freecycle
and oh yes, even bought some jam ourselves.
Well, marmalade and lemon curd.

Eventually we had lots.
(Lots here means we lost count.)

I wanted to customise them somehow.
But in a way that was easy, quick and cheap.
(You’ll see that theme running through all my DIYs!)

Then I hit upon the idea
of using my Japanese washi tape.

I had quite a few rolls,
picked up from various places
for a future unknown craft project.

So one Sunday afternoon, armed with scissors, jars
and scissors, we started to washi tape the jars…

First came the hearts, then the little sayings,
then table numbers… and finally bunting.

It was honestly one of the most
therapeutic bits of wedding planning.
Even if I did start to doubt my sanity
after looking at too many jam jars!


Here’s how to make them:

1. Washi tape hearts

a. choose your colour of tape and cut two equal strips
b. put them together to make an ‘L’ shape
c. cut a semi-circle at one end, then the other
d. attach to jar. that’s it!

2. Washi tape sayings
You will need a rolling stamp for this
(it’s the same one I used for our invites)

a. pick a colour, cut a section and lay it flat
b. load up your stamp with ink
c. press your stamp on the tape
d. carefully put the tape onto the jar
(don’t touch the ink or it will smudge)

3. Washi tape table numbers

As well as jam jars (and fluff jars)
we had a lot of pasta sauce jars.
We used these for making our table numbers.

Here’s how to make a ‘1’.
The same theory applies for all numbers but
with a whole lot more bits for curvy numbers.

a. cut 3 sections of tape – a small square,
a medium and a long piece.
b. make a cup of tea, you deserve it.
c. place the tape onto the jar as below.

4. Washi tape bunting

I loved doing the bunting jars.
Total switch off mode.

On round jars, I only did the fronts.
On Bonne Maman jars, I did the whole way
round because the bunting fit perfectly so.

Here’s how:

a. choose your bunting colour scheme.
b. cut a piece of each and put them against
the edge of a surface so you can cut them.
c. cut a triangle off your first strip

d. put that first triangle onto the jar
e. cut another triangle, then place it on
f. repeat until you have enough bunting!

And that’s it.

Can’t believe how simple it looks
once put down into a blog post!

{Next I Do DIY… cake bunting and actual bunting}


P.S. The I Do DIY posts will run alongside
the Weddingnesday posts… just in case
you’re all wondering.

Weddingnesday… a year and a half in the making (sort of)

5 Oct

Before the wedding, the idea of blogging
about it seemed very simple.

After the wedding, our wedding,
well it feels quite different.

Where to start? How to start?
Should I even do it?

I know some of our pictures are already ‘out there’
but I guess what’s missing is our take on it.
The things we loved. The things we learned.
The people we’re proud of.

When I was engaged, I loved other people’s wedding
stories… loved reading their how-tos, their recaps
and their insights. So it only seems right
to return the favour.

So how to start…
well, how about at the beginning?
(It’s a very good place to start after all.)


We were engaged for over a year and a half.
(Ah the fresh-facedness of people yet
to experience wedding stress!)

For almost a year, we didn’t really plan a wedding
so much as ponder a wedding.

We knew what we didn’t want
and that we wanted to make a lot
of it ourselves but that was it.

Then in November last year,
we started to get organised,
slowly but surely (but stressfully).

And before we really knew it,
it was the week of the wedding.


Monday and Tuesday were a blur
of last days at work and people
asking how nervous we were.


Wednesday we very unfortunately
had a family funeral. Sitting in
that church so much of the wedding
stress seemed a world away.
We still had so much to do but
that day put a lot of it into perspective.

We returned to Edinburgh that night
and found my sister, friend and Dad’s girlfriend
all sitting in our living room
diligently cutting out and crafting.
It was a little overwhelming.


Thursday the flowers arrived.
To make sure they didn’t
die before Saturday, I filled the bath
with them. And any spare vases.
Buckets. Plastic boxes. And even
my vintage water jug.

Then last minute planning.
Last minute shopping.
Last minute baking.

Last minute cake bunting making.
Last minute panicking.
And dress stress.


Friday and 7am the phone calls
from suppliers start.

We start packing up everything
for the wedding. All the china.
The bunting. The bits and bobs.
Oh yes and the flowers.

My not yet husband takes one car load
along the windy roads to the venue.
Me and my sister take the other car.

My Dad and his girlfriend have hung
a little ‘Mr & Mrs’ from my windscreen mirror.

I feel like I’m moving house,
going on holiday and doing
an exam at the same time.

Which might explain why I’m
giggling and scowling
all at once.


{Next Weddingnesday post… the set-up.}

I Do DIY… finding a home in our home for wedding stuff

5 Sep

“What do you do with wedding stuff after the wedding?”

Of all the wedding related questions I’ve received
recently this (from Lorri) struck me as a striking one…

You spend so much time making things and then what?

For us, there’s a simple answer.

We had a wedding sign – a gorgeous, gorgeous thing
made by my super talented uncle – and there was no way
it wasn’t going to become a feature of our home.

So at the weekend, we hung up our sign in our kitchen.
The space totally seems like it was made for the sign.

It made me so happy to see while
eating my cereal this morning!

As for our other bits and bobs…

We also put back up our gin print.
(It was our ‘bar sign’ at our wedding.)

And hung up our new ‘bike’ print… a wedding
present from our best man and best lady.

Happily the two co-ordinate very well!

This is where our chalkboard sign currently resides…
I may have to think of a better place for it eventually
but I kind of like it here at the moment.

We also finally found a spot for our Hang It All
(a wedding present from very generous friends).
And somehow one of our stags seems to suit being here…
so he’s found a home too.

Elsewhere in the flat, we have jam jars with candles
and jam jars with leftover pinwheels. It makes
me smile to see them every day and glad
that we don’t have to put them ‘away’ just yet.

Happy Monday everyone xx

P.S. What’s your advice? What did you do
or are planning to do with your wedding diy?

P.P.S. I have no idea quite where to begin with
blogging about our wedding. I have a few DIYs
to share but if there’s anything you want to
know or ask, do let me know!

Weddingnesday… our woodland wedding

25 Aug

Some of you may have spotted this…
but pictures of our day are now up
on our lovely photographers’ blog.

Which means I can start talking
about our woodland wedding
in our wonderful tipis.

It’s still a little scary it all being ‘out there’.

But at the same time, I’m stupendously proud
of all the people who helped our day happen.
Ours might have been a DIY wedding
but I certainly didn’t do it all myself…

I had the help of our amazing families,
wonderful friends, brilliant suppliers…
and of course my supremely awesome husband.

That sign?
It says ‘Do I love you? Indeed I do’.
(It was my ‘walk-in’ song.)

That slightly serious looking man?
That’s my now husband.
Yes, I love him. Indeed I do.


P.S. Apologies for all the weddingy posts
of late… there are probably a lot more
to come. But I will be blogging interiors
and thrifty finds as well soon. Promise.

Weddingnesday… two years ago

24 Aug

Two years ago, my now husband asked me to marry him.

One red velvet cupcake. One perspex diamond ring.

One very important question…

That would eventually turn
‘you & me’ into ‘Mr & Mrs’.


Inbetween then and now,
there’s been several other cupcakes,
another ring (my perspex one made in gold),
oh yes, and a bunch of other questions…

Like ‘it costs how much to rent toilets?!’.
Ah, the romance.

 Honestly, I love being married.
And having no wedding planning to do!

(After seeing an ‘after the wedding’ stream
on twitter started by cakes and bunting,
I don’t think I’m the only one.)


P.S. The cupcake pictured got eaten immediately
after taking this picture. A very yummy
engagement anniversary present!

Eek, it’s a sneak peek

19 Aug

There is the teeny tiniest of sneak peeks
up on our photographers’ blog.

A good excuse for some cute pics
of animals peeking I feel.

Strangely I’m suddenly very nervous
about sharing our day…

Not about the pictures themselves,
but how much the day meant to me…
it’s scary sharing something that important,
even though I can’t imagine anyone will say
anything but nice stuff.

But still… that kitten? That’s me,
hiding round the corner for a bit!


Have a lovely weekend everyone.
I’m off to another wedding!


2. susansabophotography
(Both via pinterest)

Weddingnesday… our diy wedding invites

18 Aug

Two months ago, we got married.

Three and a half months ago, we started making our invites.

Having left no budget (whoops!) for invites,
I’d decided we would make them ourselves.

I had a rough idea that I could use
my rolling stamp in some way…

(Bought on a total whim, it came in rather handy!)

Then I came across some coloured library cards…

And thought they could tell the ‘story’ of our day…

As we’ve been together a rather long time,
I thought it would funny to stamp them ‘overdue’.

Our overdue stamp… found for me by the lovely My Spare Thoughts.

Oh yes and the map paper?

Well, we used that to make our envelopes.
(It’s actually just wrapping paper but looks the real deal.)

We made the template first and
then 130 envelopes… phew.

Then we got stamping…

And stamping some more…

(I had inky fingers for a whole week!)And there may have been ‘a bit’
of handwriting too to fill them out.

Then the easy bit… envelope stuffing!

And hopefully lots of ‘awwws’ when everyone got them. 

And maybe even a little applause!Then all we had to do was wait for the RSVPs…

Oh yes and organise a wedding!
But more of that once I have the pics.

Hope you like them.


P.S. To anyone thinking of doing their own diy invites,
make a decent playlist to listen to while crafting…
and always check that you’ve spelt a word right
before stamping it over several invites!

Because it’s Monday… a little bit of rain

18 Jul

When I was little, very little, I thought I could control the weather.

Whenever there were tears running down my face,
the world seemed to weep with me.

Big fat raindrops to match my own wet chubby cheeks.

(I blame my literal interpretation of my Nana
singing ‘When You’re Smiling’ for this.)

Then you get older and realise that no, the weather just does as it pleases.

You plan a picnic and it pours.
You want a rainy day for movies and there’s a heat wave.
You want a white Christmas? Well, tough.*

And like most Scots, I learnt to just deal with it.

And then I learned to like it.

Blame living in LA straight after uni as it taught me to miss weather.
Every day there started with grey smog which would clear to blazing sunshine.

Brilliant yes? Well, kind of. After a while, I missed the unpredictability.
I missed the need for a cardigan. I missed the sound of rain.


We knew three weeks before our wedding that
it was going to tip it down. Proper, proper rain.

So we bought brollies, gazebos, wellies, the works.

Lots of people told us the day would be ruined if it rained…
And I never understood that. How? How ruined?
Would we not get married on account of the weather?

So when I spotted this little beauty below by Heidi Burton
I wanted to have it for our wedding day.

“I like people who smile when it’s raining.”

I do. I really do. And from the wedding pics I’ve seen so far,
my god, me and my now husband are two
of smiley-est people you’ll ever see.

Surrounded by lots of lovely other smiley people.

And maybe they sort of did control the weather
that day as it only really rained a little bit.


* Likelihood of snow at Christmas is now pretty likely I know!

P.S. My lovely print was framed by the lovely people
at Curiouser & Curiouser. They did a fab, fab job!

I heart mini-moons… our too cute vintage airstream caravan

7 Jul

I love the phrase ‘mini-moon’.

It’s fun to say… and even more fun to be on.

For our mini-moon, we wanted to do something chilled,
low effort and relaxed, without having to travel far.

Somewhere we could sleep, eat, drink and be happy.

So to start our mini-moon, we rented an airstream
from Vintage Vacations on the Isle of Wight.

I can’t tell you how much we loved our wee caravan.
It was just so perfect. A perfect start to married life.

So while we’re waiting on wedding pics,
here’s some snaps from our mini-moon part 1…

Our French chocolate and caramel wedding tea
from my Dad and his girlfriend…

Our lucky charms breakfast from my little sis…

Our caravan… the Sparton Manor.

Sunny deck chairs… for two.

Sunny Hendricks gin and tonics… for two.

Me and a fox mask from our wedding…
(we brought it on mini-moon as we forgot all about it on the day!)

One of the comfiest beds in the world…
and it has a yellow blanket too!Two very tired but very happy people…
getting married is exhausting!

I also took a few Diana shots…

One of the fires we lit… so we could sit
outside until the stars came out.Our favourite caravan on the site… the dinky Doris!

So much a favourite that we took
a Polaroid of us outside of it!

Oh to have my own little airstream!

How lovely that would be…


Totally happily married…

4 Jul

 So we got married. And it rocked.

It was honestly so much fun.
Far more than we’d ever
imagined it would be.

As a result, I grinned
like a loon all day.

It was a little haphazard
but it was heart-felt, happy
and at points hilarious.

I’ll share more of our day later
(& the crazy run-up) but for now
I am one very smiley married gal!


Photo by family friend.

Weddingnesday… the little days before the big day

16 Jun

As some of you know/have already guessed, our wedding is now just days away.

And as you’ll guess, we’re a mite busy! But I thought I would do
one more ‘single’ gal post – with some quick snaps from life here
– and then see you all on the flipside!

P.S. Check out my awesome wedding present from my future hubbie…
my very own personalised suitcase (with my new initials on it and everything!).
I think he might be a keeper!

Weddingnesday… my cocktaily, burlesquey, bunting-y, sparkly, giggly hen weekend

1 Jun

This is me… around gosh knows what time
on the Saturday night of my hen weekend.

By this point, I’ve had a family do on the Friday with my besties,
aunts and cousins where we drank tea cocktails,
ate cake and learned to read tea leaves.

There may have been a lot of giggling there too.

On the Saturday, I had a burlesque lesson with friends…
(The drinking of cola wasn’t actually essential
to the lesson… but it was thirsty work!)

… then we all checked into design porn hotel Citizen M.

(Don’t you just love the bunny in my room?!)

This was followed by a dinner of extremely yummy dim sum,
lots of lovely Hendricks, and then off to Club Noir‘s American Dream night…

Which explains why I am dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

(For the observant, yes I am sitting on a stool
shaped like an elephant!)

(My other half actually made me my headpiece and a real torch…
look at it glowing in the dark! He is one crafty fellow my future husband!)

Anyway, here’s a few more of my favourite hen do pics…

Oh yes, it’s me wearing a sash… and look it has cake on it!

(My maid of honour actually had a different sash for me for
everything we did so I was very co-ordinated! She knows me well!)

 My little sis made me lyric bunting and homemade
fortune cookies… how cool is that?

This me and my family gals… I love this picture so much…

Skipping ahead to Saturday… around 3am on Saturday when the last
of us got back to Citizen M we decided to occupy this sculptural sofa…

Honestly it’s the comfiest thing ever.

I would sit on it everyday if I could…
god knows where I would put it though…

And as for the rest… well, a lady never tells!

Thanks to all my hens for an amazing weekend.

If the wedding is half as fun, then
we’re set to have a brilliant day!


Weddingnesday… wishful thinking

4 May

In around 6 week’s time, I’m meant to look presentable.

Bridal even…

Which might explain why my rebel without a cause self
is hankering after the following things that  I kind of wish
I was brave enough to do for our wedding.*

(*I may still do them one day.)

1. My something blue?

How gorgeous is Doe Deere’s hair?
Every time I see this picture it so makes me want blue hair… and curls.
(Damn, my naturally straight, dark hair!)

2. My something daring?

I do love this dress by LoveJune.
(With a back that low and a bust like mine it would be daring!)
But what I love is that tattoo… not everyone’s cup of tea I know
but I’ve been looking for an excuse to get a second one for some time,
and getting married seems like a reason to do something permanent!

3. My something fun?

I wear tights all year round. I love tights.
I love one with hearts, dots, patterns, colours… if I could find
a pair that went with my dress I would so do this. (That said,
I don’t want to look like a children’s TV presenter on the day!)


What about you all? Is there anything
you kind of wished you could of done
(or wish you could do) on your day?


1. DoeDeereBlogazine  via here 2. LoveJune via here
3. Alison Conklin via Ruffled via here

Weddingnesday… less than two months to go

27 Apr

It’s true. We’re on the countdown to our wedding now.

There’s less than two months to go.

Yup, we are going to be Mr & Mrs. Weird huh?

And everywhere I go the question is the same…

Are you getting scared/nervous/anxious about the wedding?

The honest answer… no.

We still have a crazy amount to do.

(A crazy, crazy, crazy amount to do.*)

But the nearer it’s getting, the more relaxed I feel.

It’s turning from something intangible and expensive into something real.

Also in less than two months, we’ll hopefully get to have this awesome,
big, fun, silly party of a day with all our family and friends.

Oh yes and we won’t have to do any wedding planning any more.



For the curious, the outstanding list of ‘stuff” is
quite outstanding… a headpiece, shoes for me, vows,
flowers, hair and makeup, fabric for the bridesmaid dresses,
ties, toilets, a generator, suits for best man and the Dads,
transport, wedding night accommodation, the honeymoon,
learning a first dance (!), picking a wedding cocktail,
lots of the diy bits and bobs (gulp!), our walk-out song,
a gift list, the who/how of getting our stuff to the venue,
getting myself into some sort of half-decent shape,
and lots of other things that are half done/half decided…

But we’ll get there in the end. Right?


1. imeus design 2. i love doodle
3. Crystal T 4. Mary Kate McDevitt
(1,2 & 4 via pinterest)

Weddingnesday… a very stylish hen weekend

30 Mar

Last weekend, it was my friend’s hen do.

Such good, good fun and supremely stylish too
so I thought I’d share some of my iphone snaps.

We stayed at Balbegno Castle
which is owned by super cool shop Pedlars.

Such a gorgeous place but it was like staying in a catalogue!

This is my lovely little bedroom…

… and the oh so amazing dining room!

We did some of the usual things… truths, quizzes on the Friday…

And then on Saturday we went to a screenprinting class at DCA.

It’s something I’ve always fancied trying but never had the excuse to.

They asked us for a photo we’d like to Warhol so I brought the pic
of me and the other half on the day we got engaged.

And it started off like this…

Then I had to choose colours… oh so many colours!

And then it was time to start screenprinting…

True to form, mine were colourful and slightly messy!

Then it was back to the castle for a murder mystery party,
which was just brilliant. The costumes, the accents, the laughter.

But I’ll spare us all the pics of me in costume and
show you some of the things I now want from Pedlars

This print… and these maps…

I also absolutely adore this ‘No Dancing’ display…

And finally, I think this print sums it all up…

Such a great weekend that I think my friend
should get married more often!


Have you been on any cool hen dos?
Or maybe even any nightmare ones?

Happy Weddingnesday everyone xx

Weddingnesday… my super bridesmaids

16 Feb

Love this wedding. And it reminded me of a point I wanted to make…

My bridesmaids are super.
(As are my two lovely usherettes too.)

I’m feeling so happy/grateful/overwhelmed
with how easy they make everything.

Knowing a few people who’ve had bridesmaid trauma
(upsets over outfits and the like) it makes me realise that
I’m super lucky to have the best friends I do.

I’m especially lucky to have a little sis
who’s reminded me that planning
a wedding can be and should be fun.

To that end, next week we’re trialling a few diy
decoration ideas. Just seeing how long they take us
and what we actually think of our attempts.

I’m very much looking forward to it.
Even if I do end up a gluey mess.

I probably don’t say it enough
but my ‘maids, you really do all rock
in lots of infinite ways.

(And don’t worry, I won’t be making you
wear a cape to prove how super you are.
Even if I do so adore this picture!)


P.S. Check out the rest of Meg and Tom’s superhero wedding here.
I love the pic of Meg as a ‘flying’ bride! Cute huh?


All images by Cat Norman via The Etsy Blog

Weddingnesday… stuck on repeat

26 Jan

Here’s a few of the wedding-y things that are going round
and round in my brain, driving me vaguely insane…

(Let’s start with a nice one.)

(a) shoes… especially these

(b) budgets… boring but true
(cute purses though right?)

(c) eeek, we’d better start writing our vows

(d) why oh why am I growing my hair again?
(and will it ever look anything like this?!)

(e) first dances… love this pic!

(f) what are my bridesmaids going to wear?
(love the ice-cream colours of these dresses)

(g) what am I going to wear?
(I do have a dress but I keep thinking what if… and that what
if always leads me to something sparkly. Magpie syndrome!)

(h) Flowers and would it be too crazy to do my own?

(i) crafty plans, diy dreams, sourcing
of odds and ends… aka the fun bit

(j) everything else… drinks, toilets, suits, accommodation,
buses, music, food, cake, decorations, favours, rings,
hen dos, hair dos, must dos, must not dos

As fun as some of all this is, I would like my brain back.

Do I have to wait until I become a Mrs for that?


1. Kim Fox via Style Me Pretty 2. The Purl Bee 3. unknown? via pinterest
4. Haunt Design via weheartit 5. micha & megan via
6. Debs Ivelja via rocknrollbride 7. net-a-porter 8. L. Grainee
9. girlhula via houseofbliss 10. baltimoreprintstudios via swiss miss

Happy best year ever…

5 Jan

So 2011. Otherwise known as the year of our wedding.

Pretty much as soon as the bells struck people
started shouting ‘you’re getting married this year!’

But with 364 days when we’re not getting married
I’m hoping that lots of other exciting things
are going to happen to us this year too.

This will be our first year when we’re not doing major DIY
so we’ll get to find out what life is like without paint,
wallpaper paste, caulk, plaster and dust.

(We won’t be totally DIY free though – as there’s still lots
of wedding DIY to be done but let’s skip over that detail!)

It’s also nice to get a bit of a fresh start.
The second half of 2009 was in a word: tricksy.
Some really great things happened to us but some
not so great, non-bloggable things happened too.

So it’s nice to draw a line under it all and say well, that
was then and this is now. Onwards, upwards…

Basically, we’re hoping for our best year ever, not just the best day ever.

And if none of our plans pan out, well, we still have a mini moon
and then hopefully a honeymoon to Japan to look forward to.

Happy New Year everyone.
Here’s hoping it’s your best yet.


(calendar via spreadthelove)

Weddingnesday… and the not so mini meltdown

8 Dec

All it took was a single sheet of paper.

A pen and a calculator.

Some rough sums.

And a growing
that it

It was too BIG.

Too serious.
Too complicated.
Too much of a Wedding.

I got the fear.

The I want to get married
but do I want a wedding fear.

All our fine plans
for a simple day
seemed to fall away
as soon as family
were involved.

So we took a deep breath or two
and decided to go back to basics.

What did we want?

What was us?

What would
make us smile?

And suddenly
a few things seemed
clear again.

We needed
a new venue
for a start.

Somewhere simpler,
sweeter and more relaxed.

We think we’ve found it.

Which is such a relief
I want to give the person
who helped us find it
a huge, huge hug.

(I was honestly about to call it quits on the whole thing.)

So hopefully that’s the end of my not so mini meltdown
and the start of happier wedding planning.

Just don’t mention the catering.


(Image via fieldguided)