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Because it’s Monday… a little bit of rain

18 Jul

When I was little, very little, I thought I could control the weather.

Whenever there were tears running down my face,
the world seemed to weep with me.

Big fat raindrops to match my own wet chubby cheeks.

(I blame my literal interpretation of my Nana
singing ‘When You’re Smiling’ for this.)

Then you get older and realise that no, the weather just does as it pleases.

You plan a picnic and it pours.
You want a rainy day for movies and there’s a heat wave.
You want a white Christmas? Well, tough.*

And like most Scots, I learnt to just deal with it.

And then I learned to like it.

Blame living in LA straight after uni as it taught me to miss weather.
Every day there started with grey smog which would clear to blazing sunshine.

Brilliant yes? Well, kind of. After a while, I missed the unpredictability.
I missed the need for a cardigan. I missed the sound of rain.


We knew three weeks before our wedding that
it was going to tip it down. Proper, proper rain.

So we bought brollies, gazebos, wellies, the works.

Lots of people told us the day would be ruined if it rained…
And I never understood that. How? How ruined?
Would we not get married on account of the weather?

So when I spotted this little beauty below by Heidi Burton
I wanted to have it for our wedding day.

“I like people who smile when it’s raining.”

I do. I really do. And from the wedding pics I’ve seen so far,
my god, me and my now husband are two
of smiley-est people you’ll ever see.

Surrounded by lots of lovely other smiley people.

And maybe they sort of did control the weather
that day as it only really rained a little bit.


* Likelihood of snow at Christmas is now pretty likely I know!

P.S. My lovely print was framed by the lovely people
at Curiouser & Curiouser. They did a fab, fab job!


Happy Birthday little sis!!

15 Sep

(P.S. For readers who don’t know… here’s why I’m wearing a wolf suit!)

Viva design democracy… and doing your own thing!

30 Jul

Ok, you’re probably all looking at the title of this post and thinking I’ve gone mad. (As usual, you might be right.)

Design democracy? What the heck is that?

Well, up until recently I’d never heard the phrase either… it’s not exactly something that gets dropped into dinner conversations. But then I got nominated for mydeco’s blog awards (you can vote for me here) and they asked all the nominees to write a post about ‘Design Democracy’.

Now I’m not a designer. Or even an interior designer. I’m just someone who likes pretty, practial things.

I like colour and fun. Junk furniture and bargain buys. I like what I think is cool, not what I’ve been told is.

So my opinions on design are just that… my opinions.

And that’s what I think design democracy is.

It’s not about being dictated to… it’s about about what you like, what makes you smile, what makes you feel happy.

If you want to paint your walls black, go ahead. If you want to go beige, well, that’s your choice too. Red, yellow, blue… that’s totally up to you.

Love mid-century modern furniture? Eat your heart out. More of an Ikea gal (or boy)? Well, why not? Got a mish-mash of well-loved bits and bobs? Don’t let anyone make you feel you need to replace any of it.

This isn’t a revoluntionary theory.

Just that your home – and the things you buy/acquire/covet/live with – should be ‘you’. After all, rules are for fools.

Make time…

25 Jul

I’m timeless over the next wee while… not in an elegant Grace Kelly style but more of a there aren’t enough darn hours in the day kind of way.

So I’m taking a wee blogging break. I’ll be back once I’ve mastered the art of controlling the space time continuum. (Yes I may have watched too much Doctor Who at one point!)

Print via Christina Vantzou

Weddingnesday… it’s original because it’s ours

9 Jun

In the last two weeks, the OH and I have gone from having nothing in place to having quite a lot in place.

We now have a band, a venue and a date.

We’ve been speaking to caterers, bakers, photographers.

We’ve sussed out how we want our invites to look.

We even know a thing or two about the decorations.

And I’ve been trying on wedding dresses.


In amongst this I’ve been making lists.

(I make a lot of lists generally. It helps keep me sane.)

Lists of things we would like to have at the wedding.

And then I got concerned.

Were the things original enough?

Were they different or special enough?

The OH just smiled at me.

“It’s our wedding. That’s original enough.”

Sometimes he knows exactly the right thing to say.


Image via Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride

Pillow talk

8 Jun

I adore these pillows by Miranda July. I think I would have to be bad and keep the endless kissing one for me and make the OH have the fraudulence one. (Is that too mean?) I wish she did ones with two sweet sentiments instead.

Of course I could just take a permanent marker pen to some plain pillows…

Because it’s Monday…

31 May

Today was a good day. A very good day. A happy shiny smiley day.

Which is pretty surprising since I was at work while it seemed like the rest of the world (ok, the UK) was outside enjoying the glorious sunshine.

But not that surprising when I tell you that me and the OH chose the date of our wedding today.

So it’s official… we are getting married!


Print via sweetblue