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Would you rather…

19 Oct

I have a difficult decision to make… Ok, it’s not life-threatening, or even threatening in any way shape or form, but it’s been bugging me.

You see we currently have a blank space on our hall wall when we first come in. (I know, traumatic right?) And I want a print that’ll make me smile in the morning when I’m leaving… and that’ll make me extra happy to be home.

I also want something orangey as we have an orange and white sideboard (as customised by me… more on that another day) and of course the badger wallpaper…

These are my current contenders… which would you rather have?

Aardvark Manifesto from Keep Calm Gallery… which I love but I’m not sure if I want to kill my TV (I barely watch enough TV as it is!). OR…

‘British Isles (Foxes)’ by Patrick Thomas from Nelly Duffy… you all know how much I love foxes!
I really can’t decide – not helped by the fact that they’re totally different prices.
So what do you all think? Any suggestions of any lovely orangey prints would be most welcome. And if anyone fancies buying either of these for my birthday, obviously I wouldn’t object 😉
P.S. Thanks to Lisa-Marie for the recent award and to Elizabeth for the meme… I will attempt to pass them on soon!

Would you rather… have a sugar mouse or a chocolate chunk?

5 Apr

Have I mentioned how much I love sugar mice?

Well, I do. Like crazy, insanely love them.

I suspect it’s due to my mother’s very strict no sweets policy when I was a kid…

Strict except every now and then (in a blue moon) she decided to allow me either a bag of sugar letters or a sugar mouse.

(As you might guess, I have a thing for sugar letters too.)

Anyway, so when I saw a tweet by Little Doodles mentioning a sugar mouse necklace, I was sold.

And so I came across Laura Tabor’s jewellery…

Now the sugar mouse may have brought me to this collection but then I saw the gobstoppers, the cola bottles and the chocolate ring.

Oh my, I was like that big-eyed kid in the sweetie shop all over again… a rather expensive sweetie shop it has to be said!

So what’s your favourite? And why?

Are you a  chocolate girl or just a sweetie at heart?

Would you rather… dance or not dance?

1 Mar

I think this might be an easy one today but here goes…

Would you rather dance or not dance?

Personally I love dancing (even if I’m not particularly good at it) but the ‘no dancing’ sign does tickle me in a grumpy Black Books kind of way!

1. rockett st george 2. pedlars

Would you rather…

17 Feb

Would you rather… have a big happy sloth necklace?

Or a mini happy sloth necklace?

Hannah Zakari has just started stocking these cheery beauties by Mary Mary Handmade.

As I have a yucky cold I’m thinking I might treat myself to one of them… just need to decide which one!

Would you rather…

25 Jan

A little question for a Monday morning. Would you rather have a mini harmonica necklace or a mini whistle necklace?

I’m undecided. I know for a fact that I can’t play a harmonica but when it’s this tiny does that matter? Hmmm…

1. SeaUnicorn 2. MothHouse