Because it’s Monday… halfway to a hipster

21 Nov

When we were in Brooklyn, we played Spot the Hipster.

From this, we learned that to pass as hipsters
the other half would need to grow a beard,
and I would need to get a fringe.

There seemed to be other attributes
but these are the ones that stuck out.
Mainly as he’s never going to grow a beard
and I don’t suit fringes.

Once home, I happened upon this print
by Brit illustrator Jenni Sparks
“Things Hipsters Like”.

Turns out I’m halfway to being a hipster.
I love my Diana, my old gameboy, coloured bikes,
tea in china cups, brogues (but on the other half, not me)
typewriters, old record players (and music) and kitsch tees.

Oh yes, and I drink soya milk.
(Normal milk and I are not friends.)

The rest isn’t me. So I’m about 50% hipster.
50% unhipster. (Or whatever a non hipster is!)

How about you?
What percentage do you work out to be?


P.S. I just did the maths.
I’m actually about 64.28% hipster.
Not sure if that’s better or worse!


Saturday I’m smitten… with NYC

12 Nov

Back in September
I uttered those exact words
(without the asterisks).

We’d just discovered that the other half
had not one but two weeks less holiday
than we’d thought. So any idea of a big
long honeymoon/sunnymoon/whatever
was totally fubarred.

Then I started thinking… where can you go
for a week that will be blooming brilliant?

Simple. New York City.

So we went. We ate, walked, laughed.
We got a little sunburnt. We got blisters.
We had what we called ‘the best holiday ever’.

Here’s part 1 of my favourite snaps.
They make me want to go back
there right now. Oh f*** it.

View from the top of The Rock.
(Much shorter queues and a better
view than going up the Empire State.)

Loved the design of this coffee place.
Can’t imagine it would be good with a hangover though!

One thing I remembered from previous NYC visits
was how good the thrift/junk is… I’d been stalking
Brooklyn Flea on twitter before going. And then Thriftola
said it was a must-visit so it would have been rude not to!

Owl cookie jars, vintage suitcases, retro pots…
all sitting on a wooden door table!

The vintage crates which I was seriously considering
trying to put in my carry-on luggage to take home!

The oh so covetable blue Mason jars
for only a couple of dollars each. Sob.

Vintage milk bottles… I had to buy something
so I bought one of these. Oh yes, I went all the
way to NYC and bought a milk bottle!

He he… didn’t see any puppies though.

So many letterpress blocks…
so little room in my suitcase.

Was quite taken with this old movie poster…
even though I plan on living until
I’m rather old thank you. 

The best veggie hot dog ever… Honestly.
This one had spicy ketchup, jalapeno mustard
and crushed salt and pepper crisps on it!
We came back for seconds later in the day.

A little hipper than the usual ‘I ❤ NY’.
Or a little more hipster?

More graffiti… including a slightly scary fox.
I also so loved these big frogs!

One mighty strange thing about this trip
was that I drank coffee… every day.
Which is more coffee than I’ve ever
drunk in my entire life. Ever.
But how could I not when the logo
is so darn funny?!

I love NYC. Word.

Next time… a bit more of Manhattan.
Plus maybe some Diana shots if they come out!

Happy Weekend everyone xx


First image by junkskull

The one with the Ferrero Rocher cupcake

7 Nov

So this weekend past I was in London.

I was down to see my sister’s play,
do some work and have belated birthday fun.

Here’s this weekend in pictures,
including the most amazing
vegan Ferrero Rocher cupcake.

Yup, with this weekend,
London was really spoiling us!

My belated birthday cupcake from my sis…
bought from the amazing Ms Cupcakes.
(I found this recipe for non Vegan ones
if anyone fancies making me them too!)
 The Turkish Delight cupcake
which was rather delightful too!
A birthday trip to Drink Shop Do for afternoon tea. (This was
after a session of hot yoga so cake was more than deserved!)
We had proper afternoon tea for the girls…
and man’s afternoon tea for the boys:
beer, pies, scotch eggs and pickled onions!

I also slightly fell in love with this camera illustration
by faiiint… I want this camera in real life!

And how I managed to leave without purchasing
this yellow teapot is a bit of a mystery.
I did buy myself a badge though I’m not a total martyr!
We stayed at this amazing little hotel,
very exclusive, not very well-known
filled with old wartime prints
Otherwise known as my sis’s new flat!
This was my favourite print and it seemed to go
perfectly with one of my birthday presents…
my fake fur fox stole!
(Excuse the pjs, I opened this pressie at 1am)
I wore my stole all Saturday…
It was so cosy – and it did seem to make people smile!

On Sunday, we went to Bread Etcetera for breakfast.
They have little toasters on each table
for you to make your own toast. Yum!

Then we popped into a super cute book shop
and went to see the John Martin exhibit
at Tate Britain which ended with a light and sound show!
Brilliant, bombastic and lightening bolt-tastic!

It was A for Awesome… ok this isn’t John Martin’s work
but Paul Thurlby‘s illustrated alphabet (which I saw in the shop)
but it’s just gorgeous… especially the E!

And then it was home to Home Sweet Home.
(Thankfully not Home Sweet Homicide!)

Of course after a weekend like that,
I could do with another weekend now.
And I may have to lay off the cake for a while!
Happy Monday everyone xx


P.S. If you were the lovely girl who said hello at Drink Shop Do,
thank you for your kind words and sorry if I was a little bashful!

A dead good birthday…

1 Nov

At the weekend, we celebrated my birthday. Or my birthoween.
That’s Halloween and a birthday rolled into one.

Let’s just call it a dead good birthday.
(Scots are allowed to use ‘dead’ as an adjective, honest.)

I had a silly, sugar-fuelled, Halloweeny day
that started with me eating Lucky Charms and cupcakes…

Next came presents… lots of lovely things
but perhaps the best was my new Viewmaster!

Complete with a reel of pics of our wedding, us in New York,
our mini-moon Airstream… and the cats too!

How cool is that?

The husband even made a caption
for each of the photos too
which made me giggle so much.

Then there was more presents,
more cake (because I needed more sugar!)
and then we set off to spend the night at a spooky hotel.

Ok, it maybe wasn’t haunted…
but all I could say when we were walking
down the corridor was “Come play with us”
in a creepy Shining voice!

Then we went out for a very nice dinner
but not before we ran round town trying
to find a bag of cobwebs for our costumes
for a Halloweeny birthday-ish night out.

Because every corpse bride and groom
needs some cobwebs of course!

Yup, we totally forgot in the first pic
that we’re meant to be scary
not happy!

However, a glass of bubbles or two later
(and one slightly awkward trip to a champagne bar
where everyone just stared or glared at us!)
we got into Halloween wedding mode!

I was strangely more attached to this bouquet
than the one I made for our wedding.
Oh yes and that veil… well, it was originally
bought for our wedding too but it didn’t suit my dress.
Love a bit of recycling me!

The next day, us plus our hangovers went to meet
my friend’s new baby (super adorable!) before heading home
to zombify like couch zombies.

Amongst all the fun, we actually forgot
to carve any pumpkins this year…
so I’m off now to attempt a Day of the Dead pumpkin
and that way he can stay out until Wednesday.

UPDATE: Here’s our Day of the Dead pumpkin.
Rather pleased with how he turned out.

Was thinking of giving him some flowers still
but I think he’s pretty good all the same.
Especially in the dark.
Happy Halloween everyone xx
(And Día de los Muertos too!)

P.S. Did you have a costume this year?
I saw so many Marios, sexy pirates,
a Pope, a few Black Swans and even
a Sherlock Holmes at the weekend.
Love it!

Except the people dressed as
scary clowns. That’s too scary!!


P.P.S. Thanks all your cold cure suggestions.
Not sure if any helped but they certainly
cheered me up regardless!


Image 1: Mexican Skull Gardland
by the super spooky The Doll City Rocker.
I so want to get this for next year’s Halloween.
Or heck, maybe I could do a spooky Xmas?!

Thrifty finds… and a shifty tiger cake

24 Oct

I have a cold. The kind that means you can still get on with life
as long as you have a lifetime’s supply of tissues by your side
and copious cups of yucky blackcurrant yuckness.
So if this post makes less sense than normal,
I’m blaming the Beechams or the cold bugs!


Anyhoo…the other weekend, we did a spot of charity shop hunting.
And for a girl who’s technically intolerent of milk, I appear
to be acquiring milk jugs. And the odd sugar bowl.

And the odd sugar jar too.

The woman in the charity shop did not get
why I wanted this… always a strange one that.

But I think it makes a great new vase.

Even if I do say so myself!

Not from a charity shop the next set…

In fact, this is a Japanese tea set that belonged
to my other half’s Aunt. It looks like it’s never
been used, it’s that pristine.

It’s left us wondering though…
did his Aunt visit Japan and buy it there?
We really don’t know. If anyone’s relative
has a similar set, do let me know.

We also have a second Japanese set from her too.
And again no idea where or who she got them from.

Not strictly a vintage find here…
except that we got these cakes from
an old school bakery.

One of the advantages of feeling under the weather
is that you ‘need’ a shifty tiger cake of course.
Its expression makes me laugh so much.

Of course, after this much sugar, I had a temporary high
and put up my new print. Yup, I’ve had enough of the
‘everything is going to be ok’ style prints.

Ok, so maybe I don’t feel fantastic right now
but the print makes me chuckle
(in amongst the coughing and spluttering!).

Right, I’m off to watch Downton Abbey
with a hot chocolate and a blanket.
Actually that’s quite fantastic after all!


Anyone found any thrifty finds recently?
Or have a sensible suggestion for
my burgeoning milk jug collection?
(Or a nicer suggestion for a cold remedy
than blackcurrant bluckness?)

P.S. I will be getting back to the Weddingnesday
and I Do DIY posts when I have half a brain again.

Hooray for Halloween…

18 Oct

 I freaking love Halloween.

It is by far my favourite holiday of the year.
Blame an early obsession with Count Duckula and The Trap Door
if you like but some of my favourite childhood memories
involve me and my cousins, dressed as little
vampires, ghosts and witches, going guising,
that’s what ‘trick or treating’ is called in Scotland,
with our Nana or one of my Aunts.

(Oh yes and it’s sort of my birthday too.
Regulars here might remember we renamed it
last year to be Birthoween!)


Anyway, in an airport, I recently picked the Halloween magazine
by Martha Stewart. Not my normal plane reading material
but the baking and DIY suggestions were too good to leave behind.

As there’s less than two weeks to Halloween,
I thought I’d share my favourites from the mag
for those of you who fancy trying them too.

I definitely want to make the chocolate
cheesecake with the snake on it.
I bet it’s terrifyingly good!

Loving this… marshmallow skulls using chocolate
sprinkles for eyes. They’re perched on double chocolate
mini madeleines but I’m sure a dot of melted chocolate
and an Oreo cookie would work just as well!

The how-to here is for Boston ‘Scream’ Pie
but I mainly adore that bat mobile. So simple and cute.
Spooky, I mean spooky, not cute of course!

I sort of gasped when I saw these…
not sure my carving skills are up to this
but apparently you use a template for the image,
draw it on to your pumpkin, get carving
then paint the image black.
Um, easy.

Ok, this one is easy… love how simple this is.
Oh yeah and the smell of marker pens isn’t so bad!

Ok, these owls are just darn brilliant.
I love how fecked off they look.
If you know how to make a fan circle,
they’re easy to make too.

And some scared kitty cake toppers too.

I have no idea why there are witches hanging off these toffee apples
but it did remind me how that I’ve never tried making them.
Must do better!


How about you all?
Are there are any more Halloween
obsessives out there?

P.S. I even have a spooky board over at Pinterest.
I so want to make the ghost meringues too I’ve pinned.
Might need to learn to make meringues first of course!

Blook Club… wine and wombles

17 Oct

I brought my new tote bag to the second Blook Club.
Thankfully, everyone had read the book
and not been reading wine labels instead.

(Though I was feeling a little blurry round the edges
myself thanks to a birthday party the night before.)

Our book this time was When God Was A Rabbit.

Some of us loved the book, some liked it, others loathed it.
Which was good, because heck who wants to agree all the time!

The one thing we all agreed on? That the bit
with the Womble was a tad disturbing.*

For the Americans amongst us,
it was perhaps even more disturbing
as a bunch of us tried to excitedly describe
a Womble and then sing the theme tune.
(And maybe almost try to reenact the scene too.)

Yup, serious English Literature tutorial we ain’t!
But that’s what I’m loving so far about Blook Club.
Smart, funny, chatty, talented, passionate
witty, wonderful gals who are good for a giggle.
And some of them even baked too!


So, the next Blook Club…

The next date I had free was in early December.
So I thought it would be good to do a Christmas themed
Blook Club. And you can’t really get any more festive than…
 To read: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
To read by: 4th December
To be accompanied by: mulled wine
and minced pies (I may do a recipe too)


 If you want to read along or just talk
books to other Blook Clubbers,
the twitter is @blookclub or #blookclub

If you’d like to come along,
click here for more details.


P.S. Did you read When God Was A Rabbit?
Did you love, like or loathe?
What was your most memorable bit?
(Since I’ve shared mine!)

*This covers a teeny, tiny part of the book.
Don’t read any further if you don’t want to
know what happens… essentially someone
has sex with a person dressed as a Womble.
There. I warned you.