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Saturday I’m smitten… with my new sideboard

8 Oct

I have a new sideboard.

I didn’t need a new sideboard.

(Actually in truth very few people ‘need’ a sideboard.)

But here’s what happened:

The wonderful little cake shop Auntie M’s
was closing down in Glasgow.

I’d been in quite a few times partly
because of their lovely baked goods,
but also because it looked like
a gorgeous little Mad Men-esque
set of a living room.

I loved the couch, I loved the drink cabinet,
but every time I was there I mentioned
how much I loved that sideboard.


So when Auntie M had posted
that she was closing down,
I felt really rather sad.

And then she mentioned that
she needed to find new homes
for her vintage furniture…

So we adopted that sideboard.
How could we not?

Auntie M, we will look after him well
(I decided he was a boy!)
and I wish you the best of luck
in whatever you do next…
I know it will be amazing.


Happy weekend everyone xx

P.S. Thanks for your lovely comments
on yesterday’s post, I was a bit nervy
about posting it so that’s made me
feel much better. You guys rock 🙂


But I don’t even like coffee…

17 Apr

So last night I was indulging in catching up with some blogs I like to visit
and I stumbled across the following shop… www.wintersmoon.co.uk/

Such a cute little shop, it’s like an UK version of Three Potato Four (yay!)
The only downside is that I’ve fallen for the coffee pot above ­ and I don’t
even like coffee. Did run it past the other half to see if he needed a
coffee pot (that would make it a sensible purchase then). But he’s a bit of
a coffee fascist and already has all the coffee equipment he’ll ever need.

Do you think I could get it and use it as a tea pot? Or would it always have
that slight taste of coffee to it? Can’t decide… Lovely shop though!