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The one with the Ferrero Rocher cupcake

7 Nov

So this weekend past I was in London.

I was down to see my sister’s play,
do some work and have belated birthday fun.

Here’s this weekend in pictures,
including the most amazing
vegan Ferrero Rocher cupcake.

Yup, with this weekend,
London was really spoiling us!

My belated birthday cupcake from my sis…
bought from the amazing Ms Cupcakes.
(I found this recipe for non Vegan ones
if anyone fancies making me them too!)
 The Turkish Delight cupcake
which was rather delightful too!
A birthday trip to Drink Shop Do for afternoon tea. (This was
after a session of hot yoga so cake was more than deserved!)
We had proper afternoon tea for the girls…
and man’s afternoon tea for the boys:
beer, pies, scotch eggs and pickled onions!

I also slightly fell in love with this camera illustration
by faiiint… I want this camera in real life!

And how I managed to leave without purchasing
this yellow teapot is a bit of a mystery.
I did buy myself a badge though I’m not a total martyr!
We stayed at this amazing little hotel,
very exclusive, not very well-known
filled with old wartime prints
Otherwise known as my sis’s new flat!
This was my favourite print and it seemed to go
perfectly with one of my birthday presents…
my fake fur fox stole!
(Excuse the pjs, I opened this pressie at 1am)
I wore my stole all Saturday…
It was so cosy – and it did seem to make people smile!

On Sunday, we went to Bread Etcetera for breakfast.
They have little toasters on each table
for you to make your own toast. Yum!

Then we popped into a super cute book shop
and went to see the John Martin exhibit
at Tate Britain which ended with a light and sound show!
Brilliant, bombastic and lightening bolt-tastic!

It was A for Awesome… ok this isn’t John Martin’s work
but Paul Thurlby‘s illustrated alphabet (which I saw in the shop)
but it’s just gorgeous… especially the E!

And then it was home to Home Sweet Home.
(Thankfully not Home Sweet Homicide!)

Of course after a weekend like that,
I could do with another weekend now.
And I may have to lay off the cake for a while!
Happy Monday everyone xx


P.S. If you were the lovely girl who said hello at Drink Shop Do,
thank you for your kind words and sorry if I was a little bashful!


Friday I’m in love… with London

12 Aug

I love London. I really do.
It’s the place I escape to
for a whirlwind weekend.
It’s where I got engaged.
It’s where friends and
my little sis live.

Watching this week unfold has been
so desperately sad. And so sad
that things can get this desperate.

But rather than add to the debate,
(though there is a very good article here),
I thought I’d do a sort of ode to London.

About my two recent London trips.
One pre-wedding. One post-wedding.


Trip no.1…

…all the family fun you can have with free signs.

 You know how I sort of have a thing for foxes?

This is me doing my impersonation of the Southbank fox.

And yes… being a fox again!

(They have whiskers right?)

 My super, super gorgeous little sis.

The next day was her graduation
from acting school Italia Conti.

Me busking… with my harmonica necklace.

Where I would live in London if I could…

Ok, not really. But I do have my eye on
a ‘if I ever win the lotto’ flat down there!


Trip No.2

Yup, he’s still there… had to check!

Then off to see my little sis’s play…

Then on to see a friend’s dad’s play…
this is where we got lost.

Which is fine because getting lost is (eventually) followed by ice-cream…

Bubblegum ice-cream!
(Tablet ice-cream feels healthy now.)

And after ice-cream, you must sit down…
at a fake beach of course.

The best of getting lost? Finding old signs…

Love this tea and coffee sign.

But this one won me over completely…

I’ve actually started designing a print based on it.
That’s just how much I love it.

Also seems somewhat relevant to right now, doesn’t it?


Hope you all have safe, happy, relaxing weekends.

I’m off to a 90th birthday party.

Yup, 90! How amazing is that?

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

2 Aug

The second week of our mini-moon…

Sun-soaked days. Me with my cameras. Him with freckles on his nose.

Going nowhere fast… just wandering, wondering, pondering.

Watching the waves rise and fall…

Rolled up jeans and bare feet, shoes dangling from our fingers…

Playing the 2p falls without a care in the world.

Seeing the sun set on the sparkling sea…

Strange how much brighter everything seems.


After leaving the Isle of Wight, we went to Brighton…

And there I did some more snapping with my Diana.
I’m still getting to grips with my little plastic wonder
but I have to say I’m rather pleased with these shots…

The next one is my favourite I think and
my first attempt at double exposure…

Ok, maybe this is my favourite shot…
my now husband silhouetted against the sun.

I picked up these Diana shots on Friday
and if you could wish yourself back somewhere
we’d have been there in the blink of an eye.

Think the time has come to start
planning our actual honeymoon.


I heart mini-moons… our too cute vintage airstream caravan

7 Jul

I love the phrase ‘mini-moon’.

It’s fun to say… and even more fun to be on.

For our mini-moon, we wanted to do something chilled,
low effort and relaxed, without having to travel far.

Somewhere we could sleep, eat, drink and be happy.

So to start our mini-moon, we rented an airstream
from Vintage Vacations on the Isle of Wight.

I can’t tell you how much we loved our wee caravan.
It was just so perfect. A perfect start to married life.

So while we’re waiting on wedding pics,
here’s some snaps from our mini-moon part 1…

Our French chocolate and caramel wedding tea
from my Dad and his girlfriend…

Our lucky charms breakfast from my little sis…

Our caravan… the Sparton Manor.

Sunny deck chairs… for two.

Sunny Hendricks gin and tonics… for two.

Me and a fox mask from our wedding…
(we brought it on mini-moon as we forgot all about it on the day!)

One of the comfiest beds in the world…
and it has a yellow blanket too!Two very tired but very happy people…
getting married is exhausting!

I also took a few Diana shots…

One of the fires we lit… so we could sit
outside until the stars came out.Our favourite caravan on the site… the dinky Doris!

So much a favourite that we took
a Polaroid of us outside of it!

Oh to have my own little airstream!

How lovely that would be…


Life inside a snow globe…

2 Dec

On Saturday, it started snowing…

It’s now Thursday and it hasn’t stopped.

I feel like I’m living in a snow globe.

Just as well I bought myself mittens last week.

On Saturday, me and my mittens went to visit a potential new wedding venue.

(I was planning on doing a Weddingnesday post about it
this week but time has just run away with me.)

Anyway, on the way there we met these frosty fellows…

There were three adorable baby Highland moos too…
but the adult cows kept blocking them whenever
we went to take a picture. Darn.

On Sunday, we got up to this view…

Our plan had been to go visit the Castle but it was shut due to the snow.

So we went to the park instead.

It looked so pretty and serene.

But with all the squeals and shrieks
from sledgers, it was pretty noisy.

We wished we had a sledge.

Until we spotted this little old woman…

At a surprisingly fast speed, she was driving round the frozen pond,
throwing bits of old bread and being chased by swans.

And hooting with laughter all the way!

As the swans were distracted, I took the opportunity to do some snapping.

Swans are much taller than you think they are… which is only
vaguely disconcerting when you’re taking their pic!

Then we went off for a small snowball fight
and contemplated making a snowman.

Good scarf huh?

I can’t remember what me and this snowman
are looking at… it was maybe the sun setting.

Which made for a beautiful view on the way home.

(After 4 days more of snow, this street is much, much snowier now!)

Hope you’re all not too snowed-in/stuck/disrupted by it all.

I want it to last until the weekend so I go out and play in it…
even if I still haven’t found my wellies yet!

Wild weather, wildcats and wet trainers… just a day out in Scotland

16 Nov

It seems like forever ago but on our week off work we took a trip up north
to the Highlands. On the way there, we drove through lashing rain
and blustery winds, and just kept looking at each other laughing…
of course, it would be chucking it down.

On arriving, we checked in to our little B&B, ordered some veggie haggis
lasagna (!) for dinner and then got an early night as we were heading to
the Highland Wildlife Park in the morning.

Waking up, the signs looked good for a drizzly, dampy day – but no downpour.

Now if you look at evidence A below, I am dressed for a day in the Highlands
(rain mac, woolly hat, gloves, scarf)… and if you look at evidence B,
I’m wearing Converses and flared jeans.

All of which would have been fine if the weather had stayed as it was…

On an arrival, a little smattering of rain but we made our way straight
to meet these handsome fellas – Japanese Snow Monkeys.

(I called this picture eat no nom, see no nom, nom nom nom).

We also encountered this dapper owly fellow…
who made an absolutely awful noise when it was time for his lunch!

And we met this pretty kitty… actually that should read pretty hissy kitty.
Yup, the park has a pride (?) of Scottish Wild Cats.

It was rather surreal looking in cages at animals that look exactly like pets!

By this point, my Converses were starting to get a bit squidgy.

Then we decided to go see Mercedes the polar bear, who just happens
to have the furthest away habitat… and you can guess what happened next.

(Not the actual polar bear!)

The heavens just opened up and we got
absolutely drookit (that’s Scots for utterly drenched)!

We made it to the polar bear viewpoint (which had a roof)
and the two of us couldn’t stop laughing.

Especially at the squeaky noise my now totally sodden trainers were now making!

But the rain wasn’t letting up so there was nothing for it but to press on
like true Scots and enjoy an afternoon of being pelted by heavy rain.

And enjoy it we did… this is the OH terrifying some goats!
(I love the one that’s just a blur of running away-ness).

And this is us… pink in the face from being pelted with rain, dripping wet
and as happy as can be. Just how every Scottish trip should end.

Weddingnesday… one year on

25 Aug

Friday night, 21st August 2009, my other half took me on a rather elaborate mystery trip involving maps and much secrecy.

Sunday morning, 23rd of August 2009, he asked me to marry him.

He’d been planning how he was going to ask for months and ‘had known for much longer’ that he was going to ask. In the run up to asking, he’d been sweating buckets whenever anyone said anything negative about marriage in front of me in case I agreed wholeheartedly. On the Saturday night before asking, he couldn’t sleep a wink for stress.

Meanwhile I was fast asleep, totally and blissfully ignorant of what he was going through.

(For those who haven’t heard the story of how we got engaged, click on the Weddingnesday button and that will tell you everything you need to know!)

Saturday morning, 21st August 2010, and we’re on another mystery trip.

Yes, the OH decided he couldn’t let the anniversary of our engagement pass without more secret plans. (There were more maps too.)

So here’s a little photo story of what we got up to one year on…

Yes, we were down in London town again…

We went to markets, meandered in and out of cute little shops, and just had fun. (You’ll notice the coffee cup and bag of cookie in the OH’s hand… I know him too well to attempt such thrift trawling without caffeine and sugar!)

Not the smallest cookie I have ever seen…

But it didn’t last that long…

It was so warm and balmy that I was sorely tempted to jump into this water feature too… but on seeing just how soaked people were coming out of it, I thought better of it!

We also dropped in on a pop-up beach and popped in to an indoor garden party…

They’d turfed the whole bar which was pretty cool…

On top of all this, we did some rather fine eating, most excellent chilling in our hotel and just talked about life, the universe and everything in between.

What we discovered was that we’ve both been really really really stressed/tired/worn out by juggling jobs, diy, getting our old flat ready for selling and all the other things that life has been throwing at us.

Seems an obvious one but it’s amazing how a change of scene can change your perspective.

We also started talking about our wedding again… and spent ages just talking about all the fun, silly stuff we’d like to do until we were grinning like idiots. (We do that a lot when happy.)

So we returned home tired but happy tired.

Surprise weekends really are the best.

Happy Weddingnesday everyone xx